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How to Represent Your Product's Sales Page To the Users To get more Exposure You may have look to the Appointway WordPress Theme Sales Page below that drive Immense traffic to themesm .com CREATING APPOINTMENT BOOKING & LEAD CAPTURE WEBSITES CANT GET ANY SIMPLE WITH THIS WORDPRESS THEME If you have Clients running a Clinic, Spa, Gym or just about any other Offline Business which needs Booking Appointments Online or Capturing Leads than Appointway is the WordPress Theme for you. AND the best part, Your Clients don't have to pay any Recurring Payments to those Software Services for Appointment Booking or Lead Capturing because everything is handled by this Extra Ordinarily Powerful theme through WordPress Dashboard. Appointway WordPress Appointment & Lead Capturing Theme Appointway Best spa treatment in the city of bhopal. Rejuvenate Yourself. Appointway The best magrvices in city o yur pintebeew Appointway Best spe self Rest sga 000 Dur Servioes We provide adtiple Spa Services "Appointway" is the EASIEST Theme to book Appointments & Capturing Leads Online APPOINTWAY WP THEME SOLVES 2 MAJOR BUSINESS NEEDS O BOOKING APPOINTMENTS O CAPTURING & MANAGING LEADS EASILY & SECURELY #1 BOOKING APPOINTMENTS A World Class Appointment Booking Feature is pre-integrated with the theme. Book Your Appointment Fix Appointment Date Select Service Our Services 000 Lumiere Beauty Salon Plaisir Spa Gym Senice Price Your Custom Message Pla sir Your Mesaage (Optional) In Lumiere Beauty Salon we For ladies seeking privacy and You can join our daily and variable fitness classes such as Book Appointment aim at providing special make- luxcury, you will find the westem culture, the oriental up through applying various steps for you to show your Pilates, Aerobics, Yoga, Salsa magic modem and developed Hip-hop and Zumba as well as beauty in different treatments together with personal training sessions with occasions the latest haireuts traditional treatments. our professional sports O Hours Sun-Wed: 10am-10pm Read More Read More Read More Thu-only: 2pm -10pm Fri- only: apm-10pm Sat-only: Coffee Shon Conference Ronm How to Create Appointments for Bookings ? Step 1: Create a New Service. For Ex (Massage) Create New Service Enter Service Name: Name Price: Like: 10 Add New Service Sr. No. Service Name Service Price Add Date Slot Add Time Slot Action Spa Treatments 50 Body Treatments 70 3 Massage 90 Step 2: Set Date of Appointment APR Set Date Slot Note: Set Opening and Closing Date for your service and choose your working days. For Eg: If you areiss and one of your service is 20 available in Summers, Choose the Opening & Closing date accordingly along with the days on which tavailable. If your service runs throughout year Opening Date Closing Date Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Update Action 04/15/2013 05/30/2013 Update Reset Set Time Slot Back to Services Step 3: Set Timing of Appointment on those Dates Set Time Slot Add all the Timings for the Available days i.e. when your services would be available or active. Day Opening Time Closing Time Action Monday 10:00 АМ 10:30 AM Add 11:00 AM 11:30 AM 11:30 AM 12:00 PM AFTER 3 SIMPLE STEPS. JUST START BOOKING ΑΡΡΟΙΝTΜΕΝTS Book Your Appointment Our Services 000 Spa Treatments Body Treatments Massage Your Custom Message Your Message (Optional) Massage feels good and has lots of health benefits. One reason is irs the most popular body polishes and body wrapa. service at a spa. But there are All spas offer spa services like Body treatments deal with your body's skin. The moet common opes of body treatments are massage, body treatments and Book Appointment facials but some have more unasual offerings like energy work, Ayurveda consultations, A body treatment is not the many different styles of tarot card readings, and same as massage, but it can be massage. Just try it and know physiotherapy a good complement. its benefits Read More Read More Read More Mon-Sat: 1lam- 8:30pm And Sunday is closed #2 LEADS CAPTURING EASY & SIMPLE LEAD CAPTURE SYSTEM is pre-integrated with the theme. Customizable Lead Generation Form Register Yourself To Get The Latest Updates Our Services 000 Personal training Sports Facilities Other Services Send Your Message Mon-Fri 10am-lpm And A penonal trainer ia finess expert engaged in exercise Sports keep you fit and flexible. other services include meditation Medtation e yoga helps you develop your concentration which keeps you focused towards your goals San un lam-tom Vanous sports facilties are prescription and instruction avalable that age so beneficial They inspire purchasers by to reduce your stress and ng goals and supplying keepa you healthy for a long time Have a try to our services O Address Sla Quters Sena Spa Kolar response and responaitaty to Just one time membership a Rnad nal tndia Leads Data Will Store Directly Into Your WordPress Dashboard Name Email Message Number Date Action Let me petercool know about the latest offers. 2013-11- Peter @hotmail. 19 com [email protected] I like your John 2013-11- services. 19 Hi.. I want jamesjhon the latest James [email protected] updates of 2013-11- 19 your website. Delete Checked 3 Items Download CSVV File .and, Whenever a Lead is Been Added; You Get Notified to Your Desired Email. Message Received from a New Lead Inbox x [email protected] via 2:07 PM (0 minutes ago) to me- Form details below. User Name: Pankaj Agrawal Email: [email protected] Telephone: (111) 234 - 5678 Message: It is the best site for lead capture. This message will directly received by the owner. Click here to Reply or Forward How Lead Capturing Works ? > Visitors come to your site. Submit their details on a fully customizable leads capture form. > Leads gets stored securely on your Word Press Dashboard. > You Get a LEAD Capture NOTIFICATION EMAIL to communicate further with your Leads. PROBLEMS BUSINESSES FACE PROBLEMS Difficult to build: Building a Great Looking Site Integrated with Appointment Booking is Difficult. O Hard to Install & Setup: Appointment Booking & Lead Building Services are Hard to Setup & Configure Recurring Payments: Appointment Booking Services Ask for recurring payments or percentage cuts from your Bookings which becomes Huge Expense Over-time. O Payment Integrations: Finding & Integrating both Online PayPal and Offline Payment Mode in a Single System is difficult to find. Control on Data: Your Business is Dependent on Others Services. APPOINTWAY IS THE SOLUTION SOLUTION $ Everything Pre-Integrated: Appointway Theme looks Beautiful and is already pre-integrated with Appointment Booking Options. $ Super Easy to Setup: Appointway a Single Click Install WP Theme ... You Will Love it because it's Very Simple To Install & Setup. $ One Time Payment: Appointway Theme comes with a One-Time purchase License which allows you to book hundreds of appointments with absolutely no curring payments. Saves a Hell Lot of Mon 9 Payment Integrations Include: Appointway comes with Paypal & Pay Cash Later Options to allow both Online & Offline Payment Modes for your bookings. $ Your Data safe with You: Because Appointway is A WordPress Theme, You Control everything. All the data lies on your own servers securely under your WordPress Dashboard. Appointway Unique Feature at a glance EASY TO SIMPLE INSTALL TO USE COMPLETELY RESPONSIVE SELF Appointway EXPLANATORY WordPress Appointment Theme INTEGRATED PAYMENT SIMPLE THEME MODULE OPTION PANEL MULTIPLE APPOINTMENTS BOOKING AMAZING COLOR STYLE Best spa treatment in the city of bhopal. Rejuvenate Yourselt. The i Appointway theme Ultimet Color style RESPONSIVE WORDPRESS THEME LAPTOP VIEW Appointway ERVICE OU LO CONTACT Best spa treatment in the city of bhopal. Rejuvenate Yourself. The best massage services in city. Book your Appointment below BOOK YOUR APPOENTMENT Appointway Best spa treatment in FEX APPOINTMENT DATE 000 the city of bhopal. Our Services 000 MOBILE VIEW IPAD VIEW APPOINTWAY HOME PAGE SCREENSHOT Add Your Business Logo Appointway O Fer Reeraion Cal L Add Your SERVICES OUR LOG CONTACT US Custom Contact No Best spa treatment in the city of bhopal. Rejuvenate Yourself. Menus The best massage services in city. Book your Appointment below BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT Appointment Booking Form Customizable Slider FIX APPOINTMENT DATE 00 Our Services A a YOUR CUSTOM MESSAGE Showcase your. Services PAYABOOK APPOINTMENT Payr S We provide multiple Spa Services: Sa p Service &- The eniol temite ceteinal td tumves ina ghe pere ee manner. Cuni erp ing thangr ine of mren where his de e mtenimte contnel Testimonial Customizable ndi -Map & Business Area There are diferent way to ixp the protim. ur the one which I ind the asiest nd moe iporaty not complicd compaedthe othe wldond al te aderapoly de epprch while crting t n y per ing Wordesthees Advertisement Location View More Services: Section COMPANY ABOUT USs LATEST POSTS PICASA WIDIGIT CONTACT INFORMATION Widgetized. Footer AppitwAll rig red Social Icons So what are you getting? World Class Professionally Designed Theme which is Optimized for Collecting Leads & Appointments. Bonus Logos. BONUS Background Images. Lifetime Support Regular Updates included without any extra charge. WHY CHOOSE INKTHEMES A Brand you can trust upon. Over 5,30,000+ Happy Users Use InkThemes for their Websites. InkThemes Global Alexa Rank: 3,965 Your Trust made us reach this spot. Isn't this enough to grab this awesome WP Themes Deal. Real Customer Websites ORTH AVENUE ADVANCED DENTAL CENTER wT TAL O oc CONTACT 0 Welcome to North Avenue Advanced Dental Center Welcome to Lumlere Ladies Center Wee brighter a Where you can fnd Beaty, Eegance, Datnetion, Heath Wellneas, Fne, ry, Reloaten and Pcy ALL nder ONE root Appo a form Appontmet Date f vour looking for a Dentit in BriderportC 00 ht v nt te wm te wed t trt we Wewill contat cdem Pla sir en e n Fratured Services Zom Ter w i Th t Dund etts ng en e di iy What makes Lumiere aecial center: ter re w M bouce OCate ine te ca ena Inchiquin Inn, Corofin SAMPLE PA NCY CASTLE AUT RETAURANT MOT PACKAGES CATEIO CALLERY EVEN CONTACT Inchiquin Inn & Anne's Kitchen Bounce2Party Restauranta Hostel Main Street Coretin, Co Clare, tevland Bouney Castle Hire Stocidon, Midesbrough and surrounding areas | trten Date bouce Our Services Our Services Ety Cue Wartvess Thne E Cu e Your Comme World Stone Throwing Champlonahip We provide multiple Spa Services: Ct ce C eewe Te Cunte e The e mi t p e ange efw t enyng emay teday rint he p er M M e e ca Te aat ep e tee panty t gnteen he pagem et nt n e d tydene ..OO 011 Electrician ohannestug & Suvounding HollywoodGym so er wmen coarma w rons HOLLYWOOD'S ONLY 24 HOUR GYM & FITNESS CENTER Electrician (Emergencies & All Other Services) We Are Lpdating Our bee All your lectrician reguirements Today Free VIP Gurst Pas Save Electricity Instoll Council Prepoid Meters Our Services 000 FOR EMERGENCIES and ALL, ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS 00 Dectical Bepan Oed Specal Seevies 24/7 We Provide World Class Seyicet y w Our Clients Love U Testimonlals Retecences ROLTOOD w t n y t emen n r M e t nd e Be m A l Oym Mden or me ewag C AL AwY CO Premier Quality Maintenance Services Guided Pathways Tnding Roada te Weltnes AT U ERYces E CONTACT US TremoALA Estes Park MAintenance Services - RENT ALL COUPON SAVINGS Integrative Holistie Healtheace 000 10% OFF C 000 adp M m tp ngt d d tywork ntge Sehode A Aett At d Payal Ct teg nd terw t ngv ha a e taa w Home tmpr t Te De Lists O o La t y dne a t e Patient Testimonlals he n i t a a ee me w What people are saying about u. Whe dedpte p he p t We Look Forward to Serving Yout Mi C Tudey Angles list I D fl&y L d w y b C C e DCAL O PUBLISHING T Ss P Troue T o cocres mow wAT Am T LO n ENo tA One Stop e-Book and e-Magazine Publishing Services Transforming Your Life Through Hypnosis and Energy Tapping Overeeme deb ng hat and develop your t potentl Fast Delivery, Drellent Quality and Cutemee Satiataction WHAT WE DO: STEP 3 w Cot Y rTe Hay e rew for Sence nd O Habits are hard to change. but not impossible! ePUB Our Services 00 oOK NG PBOO CREATION aooK MoILE AS u iBooks Services 000 STOP SOING We peovide free consultancy on ebook conversion publication and distribution Hypnosis ytha and Misceneptions d earo pe Mt Rtey he w te nr t t r y e o te te y ne AA e t te n et Tey D-PageRank OM VIC soCAL MEA w cON CONTACY US ENTRADA DEL GALERIA E ros coNATo cA Las Vegas SEO Experts and Website Designers Ver, sentir, disfrutar. 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AppointWay WordPress Theme Sales Page InkThemes

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How to Represent Your Product’s Sales Page To the Users To get more Exposure.




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