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Apple Product vs Apple Fruit

Apple O TO Apples 6 HOW THE TECH GIANT STACKS UP AGAINST AMERICA'S FAVORITE FRUIT The Apple Industries China produces: 44% 100% of the world's apples. of the world's Apples. In 2009: Russia: The world's top apple buyer. Spending $550M America: The world's top Apple buyer. 71,000,000 tons of apples were produced, totaling $30 billion. 138,000 tons of Apples were produced, totaling $32 billion. Spending $16B = $500M People in the western U.S.: are the biggest apple eaters, consuming 30% of the country's apples. The average U.S. apple orchard: 50 acres People in the San Francisco-Bay Area: are the biggest Apple owners, with 1 in 3 people owning an Apple product. The average U.S. Apple store: 4,500 sq. ft. (.1 acres) Apples vs. Apples The first apples: The first Apple: Cultivated by farmers in Mesopotamia around Built by Steve Wozniak in 1976 8,000 B.C. Before this, computers were Before this, apples were sour, seedy, and inedible. ugly, clunky, and unusable. How apples are sold: There are over 7,500 varieties of apples. 72% 15% 14% of apples sold are fresh. are sold as juice. are sold as sauce. How Apples are sold: There have been nearly 400 varieties of Apple. 43% 28% 16.7% of Apples sold are iPhones. are iPads. are iPods. 3.1% 9.1% are iMacs & Mac Pros. are Macbook Pros & Airs. An Apple vs. an iPhone The average apple weighs about the same as an iPhone 4S. buy almost 2k apples. For the price of one iPhone 4S, you could iPhone 4s 4.9 oz. Medium Apple 5 oz. = 100 Apples Based on the price of an unlocked 16GB iPhone 4s, and rate of $1 per pound of apples. Composition of an apple: Water Carbohydrates 84.7% 11.7% Organic Fiber Acid 2.3% .6% Lipids Protein .4% 2% Composition of an Apple (iPhone 4S): Plastic Other 2.1% 1.4% Circuit Boards Display 11.4% 5% Stainless Steel Battery 28.6% 17.9% Glass 33.6% Apples account for: 17% 28% of the total smartphones bought by Americans. of the total fruit eaten by Americans. Created By: Sources: http://www. html - - - /simmons-research/register-apple-market-ranker.html http://urban =onepage&q&f=false http://images - http://sto - http:// composition-apple_.html ne45_Product Environmental_Report_2011.pdf - http:// - apple_profile.cfm This Work is Licensed Under a Creative Commons License BY NO ND

Apple Product vs Apple Fruit

shared by GeeGrl on Mar 23
This infographic shows how the one we talk, email and chat from measures up against the one that we eat. The infographic includes the comparison between their distribution, composition, weight and history.


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