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The Anatomy of the Perfect Careers Page

Anatomy of the Perfect Careers Page Your Careers Page has never been more important As of 2014 Careers Pages have become the #1 Source of Hires (Even better than referrals!) How can you turn your careers page into a hiring hub? Attract Convert How are How do you candidates turn curious Engage Convince going to find you? visitors into How do Why should enthusiastic you grab candidates applicants? candidates' choose you? attention? Attract Bring candidates to your site SEO SOCIAL MEDIA An effective social What keywords would they use to search for your site on Google? strategy can be the key to bringing potential applicants to your site Make sure you spread these terms through your page: focus mainly on the title and page headers - Google's spiders pay more Bē in attention to these sections! Engage Your headline should grab a candidate's attention - make sure your visitors stay on the page long enough to see how great your company is Get candidates' ATTENTION You only have a few seconds to grab a candidate's attention so don't waste them "Only 1 out of 5 readers gets beyond your headline." David Ogilvy Users spend 80% of their time looking at information above the page fold - make sure you give them something good to look at! Pictures can make all the difference 90% Visuals are of information processed 60,000x transmitted to the brain is faster!!! visual And videos can be even more effective Videos are 5.33x Some of the best careers pages use more effective a combo of video than text for and great copy to engage talent. keeping visitors on a site Take a look at Vungle Convince Why should a passive candidate choose you? Nowadays you have to compete for the best talent SO employer branding is crucial. 56% see employer branding as the most important factor when choosing where to work People may snap decisions - make sure you give people the right impression It takes 1/10th second to form an impression about a person And 50 milliseconds to judge a page What kind of company are you? People want to know where they might end up working. Use images to show off your office and give candidates insights into your working culture 00 What is your team like? Help candidates understand your company culture by featuring: Employee Team photos Learning Opportunities Awesome testimonials Perks Convert Turn curious visitors into enthusiastic applicants Most career pages convert very badly Bounce rates are as high as 98% Make it easy for someone to take the next step Write your job descriptions like a marketer Job adverts are still adverts! Don't waste anyone's time. The right copy can make Endless job requirements and candidates feel like the job was corporate buzzwords makes made for them. you sound like a robot. Power words Use acknowledged 'power words' to get candidates interested Learn Сreate Understand Improve Different words appeal to different types of candidates e.g. at Apple, they “Amaze" Simple call to actions Make the 'Apply' button stand out! APPLY Test floating widgets that make it easy for a candidate to start a conversation. Try the Beamery Widget to kick off relationships with potential applicants Sources:, try-Insights/Documents/social-recruiting/adecco-global-social-recruiting-survey-global-report.pdf, http://ww-, blog/why-every-seo-strategy-needs-infographics/ &,, ence/2006/aug/23/usnews.internationalnews, doi/abs/10.1080/01449290500330448# VMJ5XY6SU41, vert-ultimate-list beamery Treat Candidates like Customers

The Anatomy of the Perfect Careers Page

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A complete guide to creating an awesome careers page, everything you need to attract and convert talented people on your website and generate more quality applications


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