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Anatomy of an Office Space that Boosts Productivity

ANATOMY OF AN OFFICE SPACE THAT BOOSTS PRODUCTIVITY FAST FACTS: OFFICE PLANNING 11 1 10 4 765 9-50% increase in 4.3 hours per week are wasted by employees because of poor storage. 19% chance to retain talented employees if you redesign your office. productivity can be observed if you have multiple computer screens. HERMAN MILLER - MICROSOFT VIBE NATIONAL CONTRACT 2006 WORKPLACE STUDY MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION THE BASICS: OFFICE EQUIPMENT AND FURNITURE Invest in these high-performing resources to avoid wasted costs in the future. Computers Multifunctional Printers Reliable internet Telephone 17:50 connection Desks Filing and Storage Quality Chairs DESIGN BLUEPRINT: OFFICE SPACES Color - invite vibrant mood Refreshment - improve work processes with food and drink nourishment. and enthusiasm with soft or bright colors. Lighting - utilize windows to allow more natural lighting that illuminates the room. Recreation - play and relaxation can boost employees' productivity. Proper Storage - organize office materials where each employee can have easy access to it. Furniture - surround employees with functional furniture to avoid idleness. OFFICE SPACE PLANNING: FACTORS TO CONSIDER Maintain a productive environment where your entire team can work properly without any hassle. Elevate positive culture to improve work quality, trust, and satisfaction for all. Create better atmosphere with well-ventilated rooms and proper spacing between co-workers. Encourage creativity by letting your Creatives team think better with open spaces. Reduce distractions by letting your Creatives team think better with open spaces. Encourage creativity by letting your Creatives team think better with open spaces. OFFICE SPACE TIPS: IMPROVING PRODUCTIVITY View your plan of actions through an employee's perspective. After that, start furnishing your plan. Plan your office space renovation in advance. Identify business and employee needs to pinpoint dedicated spaces and how it can be maximized. Foresee future work arrangements since remote working conditions are now the trend of office spaces. Keep business growth in mind like company expansion, additional talents, and other developments. Whether you opt for cubicle or open spaces, the space required must be discussed with your designer; open spaces or cubicles have different collaboration functions. FOXHOLE SOURCES: Foxhole Business Center is Makati's newest serviced office space to offer you a plug and play solution to your business office needs D E

Anatomy of an Office Space that Boosts Productivity

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Employees work for 8-9 hours daily, each with varying routines to accomplish deadlines and tasks. It’s no secret that stress and pressure come in the line of duty and can affect an employee’s over...




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