Anatomy of an awful marketing email

Marketing emails are responsible for 70% of "this is spam" complaints. 99 As a marketer, you need to make sure your customers and prospects are opening and acting on your e-mails. Before we can stop producing e-mails that look like spam, we need to understand what makes an e-mail awful. Check out the infographic below to learn what not to do in your own email marketing. THE ANATOMY OF AN AWFUL MARKETING EMAIL NO REPLY EMAIL GENERIC SUBJECT LINE DISINGENUOUS CONTENT NO UNSUSBCRIBE OPTION GENERIC SUBJECT LINE: Your subject line should invite the recipient to do something and give them a reason to open your e-mail. NO REPLY EMAIL: Provide an email address that actually accepts emails as your reply-to address. BROKEN DYNAMIC CONTENT: Bad personalization comes across as insincere and makes your email message lose credibility. Keep your emails clean, and use a simple layout free from frills and images that take forever to load. BAD DESIGN: Your emails should sound like a person wrote them, DISINGENUOUS WRITING: not a robot. Write the way you'd want someone to write to you -- clearly, naturally, and genuinely. The second most common reason that people unsubscribe from email lists is because the NO UNSUBSCRIBE OPTION: content isn't relevant to them anymore. If they want to unsubscribe, give them that option clearly. NO CALL TO ACTION: Always invite your recipient to do something with the information you've just provided. Like unsophisticated design and layout, generic stock photos GENERIC IMAGES: and clip art images make your business look unprofessional and spammy. ESIGNED Y BIUSHOT A HURSPI CHO A BBIGSHOT HubSpot SOURCE: HubSpot's Inbound Marketing Blog The Anatomy of an Awful Marketing Email TEIICTVI GENERIC IMAGES NO CALL TO ACTION eROKEN DYNAMIC CONTENT BAD DESIGN

Anatomy of an awful marketing email

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Anatomy of an awful marketing email // BigShot Inbound Marketing






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