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Americans at Work: The Best and Worst Jobs

AMERIÇANS AT WORK BEST&WORST JEBS AMERICANS SPEND MORE TIME ON THE JOB THAN THEY DO ON ANYTHING ELSE 160 40 40 The average employee spends more than 2/3 of his or her day at work or on work-related activities. That's more time than we spend sleeping or raising our children. AMERICANS WORK AN AVERAGE OF NEARLY ONE MONTH MORE PER YEAR NOW THAN IN 1970. In 1960, only 20% of mothers worked. Today, 70% of American households all adults work. VS AMERICA THE WORLD AMERICANS WORK: 000000000000 Ħ 137 HRS MORE THAN 0000 00 260 HRS MORE THAN 499 HRS MORE THAN AVERAGE PRODUCTIVITY FOR AMERICAN WORKERS HAS INCREASED 400% SINCE 1950 13 20 30 days/year paid vacation vacation vacation days/year days/year USA THE REST FRANCE OF THE WORLD CANADA FINLAND JAPAN 10 BEST JOBS #10 #9 #8 #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1 Biomedical Engineer $85,163 Computer Systems Analyst Therapist Physical Occupational Dental Therapist Hygienist Audiologist Engineer Software Optometrist Actuary $T7,740 $76,310 $94,990 $94,990 $68,250 $68,135 $89,147 $91,211 Financial Planner $64,750 PROJECTED JOB GROWTH Computer Systems Analyst 22% Physical Therapist 39 % 60 Actuary 27% Biomedical Engineer 62% Software Dental Hygienist 38 % Occupational Therapist 33 % Optometrist 33 % 50 Financial Planner 32 % Audiologist 37 % Engineer 30 % 40 30 20 10 UNEMPLOYMENT RATE 0% 0.4% 2.2% 0.4% 2.4% Actuary Biomedical Engineer Software Engineer Audiologist Financial Planner 0.9% 0.5% 0.3% 1.8% 3.2% Dental Hygienist Optometrist Computer Systems Analyst Occupational Therapist Physical Therapist THE GOOD THE BAD ACTUARY Job security, challenging, Some consider it a lonely and evolving job. boring job. BIOMEDICAL Healthcare is a growing field. A jack of all trades, master of none. ENGINEER SOFTWARE Companies need software. High pressure job. ENGINEER AUDIOLOGIST Hearing aid technology improving. Very stressful. FINANCIAL Retiring baby boomers will need help. Stressful, ups and downs in the stock PLANNER market. DENTAL Opportunities in the field are Requires competitive tasks. HYGIENIST abundant. OCCUPATIONAL Increasingly caters to aging boomers They cannot fully help someone recover. THERAPIST Opportunities with aging boomer Repetitive job, no career progression. OPTOMETRIST population. Opportunites abound with older Graduate education needed, Frequent license renewal required. PHYSICAL THERAPIST generations. COMPUTER A critical component of business Sitting at a desk all day watching SYSTEMS practices. monitors. ANALYST 10 WORST JOBS #10 #9 #8 #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1 Flight Attendant Dairy Farmer Oil Rig Worker Enlisted Military Lumberjack Newspaper Reporter Roofer Mail Carrier Meter Reader $37,740 $34,220 $53,090 $36,400 $60,750 $37,640 $41,998 $32,870 $36,870 Actor $17.44/hr PROJECTED JOB GROWTH Flight Attendant Newspaper Reporter -6% Oil Rig Worker 8% 4.5% 40 Lumberjack 4% Dairy Farmer 8% Meter Reader -10 % Actor 4% Mail Carrier -26% Roofer 18 % 30 20 10 -10 -20 UNEMPLOYMENT RATE 7.7% High 0% 8.6% 3.5% -------* Newspaper Reporter Lumberjack Enlisted Military Actor Oil Rig Worker 15.9% 9% 14% 14% 4.5% Dairy Farmer Meter Reader Mail Carrier Roofer Flight Attendant THE GOOD THE BAD NEWSPAPER Informing the public. High Stress, Low Pay. Disappearing REPORTER Jobs. LUMBERJACK The great outdoors. Danger of working with heavy machinery. ENLISTED Serving your country. High stress. Dangerous situations. MILITARY ACTOR It's a calling. And if you make it big. Very competitive, high stress. OIL RIG Growth area in natural gas. Isolated at sea. Long hours. WORKER DAIRY FARMER Independence, producing Small farms being forced out of important product. business. METER READER Working outdoors. Declining profession due to remote reading. While USPS jobs shrink, UPS jobs Job becoming obsolete. MAIL CARRIER available. Long hours spent in heat or cold. Work is cyclical. ROOFER Outdoor work appeals to some people. FLIGHT Opportunity to see the world. High stress. Shrinking job market. ATTENDANT 5 BEST JOBS FOR PEOPLE WHO HATE WORKING WITH OTHER PEOPLE #5 # 4 #3 #2 #1 Forensic Sdence Technidan Computer Programmer Actuary Budget Analy st Accountant $84,810 $69,620 $59,430 $68,135 $23.97/hr PROJECTED JOB GROWTH 22% 22% 20% 15% 21% Forensic Science Technician Accountant Computer Programmer Budget Analyst Actuary This graphic was brought to you by Sources All job prospect figures courtesy of Bureau of Labor Statistics ం ర666 -----*

Americans at Work: The Best and Worst Jobs

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Most Americans spend more time on the job than they do on anything else.


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