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The American Dream is Alive in Emerging Markets

THE AMERICAN DREAM IS ALIVE IN EMERGING MARKETS Professionals in Emerging Markets more likely reflect attitudes and characteristics that describe the American Dream DEVELOPED MARKETS (U.S. and U.K.) Emerging Market professionals are driven by entrepreneurial values EMERGING MARKETS (Brazil, China, and India) Optimistic (Always or almost always self-describe) 29% 47% I believe hard work will always be rewarded (Strongly agree) 17% 42% I want to be able to be entrepreneurial in my job (Strongly agree) 30% 58% A competitive work environment is very important to me (Strongly agree) 16% 54% A collaborative work environment is very important to me (Strongly agree) 35% 67% Emerging Market professionals demonstrate greater interest in values and responsibility DEVELOPED MARKETS EMERGING MARKETS It's more important to me to work for a company that makes a positive impact on the world, even if it doesn't pay me as well The business world is mostly or always ethical 44% 66% 49% 61% Emerging market professionals have aspirations that are much bigger than themselves Thinking about your work, how important is each of the following to you? DEVELOPED MARKETS EMERGING MARKETS 68% 61% 57% 47% 37% 29% Being part of something bigger than myself Doing important Improving the world work Showing 9 or 10 on 10 point scale (Very Important) DEVELOPED MARKETS Emerging Market professionals would stay in their current line of work, even if they were financially set EMERGING MARKETS If you won the lottery and were financially set for life, would you. 44% 65% 24% 26% 33% 9% Stay in your current line of work Switch current lines of work Retire completely Learn more: THOMSON REUTERS %24

The American Dream is Alive in Emerging Markets

shared by AgentIllustrateur on Dec 22
The American Dream is Alive in Emerging Markets Professionals in emerging markets (Brazil, China, and India) express a greater sense of optimism and a belief that hard work will be rewarded than those...


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