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All You Need To Know About Reaching Your Company Goals

All You Need To Know About REACHING YOUR COMPANY GOALS It takes more than setting a goal and working hard to achieve talent success. End results are reliant on everything from communication with employees to how - and when - you evaluate performance. Be Clear Before hiring: DON'T wait until a person is hired to discuss performance expectations. Evaluate their ability to meet goals during the application or interview process. 33% 46% 69% of employers give candidates a profile of of candidates said they want of job seekers to have a conversation with want an accurate what a successful job description. leadership during the interview process. employee looks like. DO provide feedback to job candidates so they can understand how important this type of communication is to the company. 94% of job seekers said they'd like feedback during the interview process. With employees: DON'T just set a goal, then expect your employees to figure everything else out. DO clearly communicate your expectations and how each individual contributes to achieving the goal. of employees say of employees say their managers help them set performance goals. 57% 13% their bosses do not give them clear directions. Create Small Steps DON'T overwhelm employees with one large, long-term goal. DO set incremental goals for employees to build up to a bigger goal. of workers are overloaded by the amount of work they're expected to do. of employees whose managers help them set performance goals are engaged. 68% 69% Give Employees the Right Tools DON'T ignore opportunities to develop employees' skills. Put an emphasis on SMART Goals (specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused and time-bound). 54% of employees would like more job-specific training. 2 out of 3 employees said training plays an important role in their decision to stay with their current job. Among both engaged and disengaged employees, mentoring ranked in the top 5 preferred training types. DO create mentorships within projects so employees can continually learn from each other. Foster Collaboration DON'T have employees from different departments with varied skill sets work DO facilitate easy and effective interdepartmental communication. independently. of employees are of employees who say their company fosters 88% satisfied with how their company promotes and encourages teamwork between different collaboration also think 22% morale and job satisfaction are high in the office. departments. Provide Feedback DON'T wait until the end of a project to give employees of companies said improving managers' ability to provide 64% in-the-moment feedback. feedback was critical. DO provide positive, ongoing feedback. of employees who said their manager was more focused on their strengths instead of their weaknesses 67% were engaged. Evaluate Success DON'T just look at whether the company's goals were met and ignore your employees' individual goals. DO conduct reviews or check-ins frequently, and give in-the-moment feedback whenever possible. 23% of employees were satisfied with their 23% company's dedication to their personal development. of organizations think in-the-moment feedback is highly effective, but only 9% give it. Recognize Achievements DON'T wait to acknowledge achievements and great performance. DO reward both the team and the individual on each goal they achieve. of employees changed jobs because they were unhappy with how their achievements were of employees who feel valued by their superiors report feeling more motivated to do their 32% 91% recognized or rewarded. best. Your team is the greatest asset and the ultimate factor on the journey to achieving your company goals. ClearCompany Sources:İ×HNBV

All You Need To Know About Reaching Your Company Goals

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Achieving talent success is an ongoing process that needs active participation from employees and employers. Employers not only have to set performance goals well before hiring a candidate, but they a...




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