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Agile Working

ACİL W.RKiN "IN FIVE YEARS, EVERYTHING WE DO TODAY WILL BE DONE DIFFERENT" - STEVE JOBS -WHAT IS AGILE METHODOLOGY?- Agile working is a flexible work method that focuses on 4 main areas. TIME • LOCATION ROLE • SOURCE Requirement The traditional 'waterfall' method Design works on a production line model, limiting Implement communication Verify between stages. Maintain Build The 'agile' method is a constantly evolving process enabling a continual flow of improvements and Ready To Deliver? smoother communication. Deliver Flexible 'Normal' Working Working Needs of the Agile Working Needs of the business come employee are paramount. They fit work in around first. Work revolves around their personal set schedules and life. workplaces. 'AGILE' MEETS THE NEEDS OF BOTH EMPLOYEE AND BUSINESS THE PSYCHOLOGY OF AGILE WORKING Staff working flexible hours generally work harder than those with normal working patterns, most likely due to feeling more control over their work/life balance. Employee happiness means higher employee retainment rates. Workers are less likely to leave a position if their job offers flexibility, even if a higher wage is offered. The millennial generation, (those aged 20-35), have grown up in an 'always-on' environment. They find it detrimental being stuck in a regular routine in the same place each day. DESIGNING YOUR WORKFLOW CHOOSE YOUR BUILDING • Is it in an optimal location? • How economical is it to run? • Do you need a new building, or simply a refurbishment? WORK SPACES • Can flexible workers share work spaces? • Are there areas for both long and short term activity? • Do you need a dedicated reception area to welcome guests? TECHNOLOGY • Are you mobile technology friendly? • Are things like WiFi available in every corner of the building? • Is there software available to streamline your workforce? Having both formal and informal meeting areas enables you to tailor client meetings. Non-fixed The obligatory office slide, because stairs are just too slow... workstations means changes can be made as and when. Arranging your desks into larger tables Staff areas with grouped seating encourage interaction between work. encourages discussion and collaboration. Dedicated quiet working areas for when extra focus is needed. OTHER BRIGHT IDEAS Have an outdoor Use desks and Have a whiteboard space? Why not add a picnic bench to make the most of the great in every room. You never know when chairs with wheels to quickly move work stations as group your next big idea will strike! outdoors. projects arise. FOLLOW THE LEADER Some of the world's largest companies have already adopted the agile approach. PIXAR, CALIFORNIA Pixar animation studios are famous for their unique offices and studios inspired by the pixar back catalogue. Together with fun character models and original artwork adorning the walls, pixar is a haven for the 1,275 creative minds that work there. LEGO, DENMARK Things are bright and blocky at Lego's headquarters based in Billund, Denmark. Their open plan offices are filled with Lego creations to inspire their next big project and are currently constructing an even bigger complex called The LEGO House' GOOGLE, CALIFORNIA gle Otherwise known as the 'Googleplex', the 2 million sq ft building complex has its own shuttle service for its employees and is so large, it provides bicycles to get around! Their office slide is a feature increasingly seen in agile offices around the world. RESULTS 25% of companies so far adopted process By 2030, the number is predicted to be 90% Employee satisfaction rises on average by 20% Reduces employee desertion rates Property budgets down by 35% Drastic corporate footprint reduction SOURCES Infographic brought to you by office principles total business interiors Design Implement Plan Verify

Agile Working

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Quirky infographic that focuses on the ins and outs of agile working in the workplace from set ups to general hints and tips.


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