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Agile Development: Who's Hiring & Who's Hirable

AGILE: DEVELOPMENT WHO'S HIRING WHO'S HIRABLE? The demand for agile developers far outweighs the supply. The result? A wide skills gap between the available pool of agile developers and the number of job openings for agile talent. Here's why true agile developers can demand top dollar, and hiring managers can't find talent. HIRING: WHY YOU'LL NEVER FIND THE TALENT THE SUPPLY AND DEMAND GAP THERE JUST AREN'T ENOUGH AGILE DEVELOPERS ««««««« ACTIVE CANDIDATES: IHELP WANTED THERE ARE 4.59 121,876 JOB POSTINGS JOB POSTINGS: 558,918 FOR EVERY CANDIDATE HARDEST PLACE TO FIND AGILE TALENT: WASHINGTON THERE'S A MISMATCH BETWEEN WHERE THE JOBS ARE AND WHERE DEVELOPERS ARE WASHINGTON RIDICULOUS PRESSURE NEW JERSEY HIGH PRESSURE CITIES TOP JOB POSTINGS • San Francisco, CA • New York, NY Seattle, WA • Atlanta, GA • Boston, MA • Chicago, IL Washington, DC • Palo Alto, CA • Austin, TX • Redmond, WA There is huge demand for agile, but it is not spread out evenly across the Country. Agile shops in ridiculous pressure areas (red) have plenty of competition from other agile shops and are fighting over a smaller pool of candidates. While those states TOP JOB SEEKERS • San Jose, CA • Chicago, IL • New York, NY • Houston, TX • Atlanta, GA • Austin, TX • Dallas, TX • Jersey City, NJ • San Diego, CA • Edison, NJ LABOR PRESSURE KEY RIDICULOUS PRESSURE where the pressure is merely high (green) have at least a fighting chance of finding the right talent with a higher (but not all that much better) candidate-to-posting ratio. INSANE PRESSURE HIGH PRESSURE COMPANIES COMPETING FOR AGILE TALENT THE COMPETITION FOR AGILE TALENT IS HOT – THE PLAYERS HAVE FATTER WALLETS THAN YOU Microsoft (GE) TOP JOB POSTING EMPLOYERS NORTHROP GRUMMAN vmware Cip UnitedHealthcare TAM SAIC A UnitedHealth Group Company From Science to Solutions HIRABLE: WHY THE PROS GET PAID THE BIG BUCKS THE AGILE SHOP'S HIRING REALITY PAY A PREMIUM OR INVEST IN INEXPERIENCE Computer Systems Analysts – (21%) Computer Programmers – (3%) Software Quality Assurance Engineers and Testers - (18%) Industrial Engineers - (4%) Information Technology Project Managers - (15%) Marketing Managers - (5%) WHERE THE TALENT IS NOW Management Analysts – (7%) Web Developers - (10%) Computer and Information Systems Managers - (8%) Computer Software Engineers, Applications - (9%) EXPERIENCE 1-2 years – 3% LESS THAN 5 YEARS EXPERIENCE – 13% MORE THAN 5 YEARS EXPERIENCE – 87% 3 - 5 years - 10% 6 – 10 years - 28% 11- 15 years - 23% 87 PERCENT OF THE AGILE WORKFORCE HAS 6+ YEARS 16 - 20 years – 17% OF EXPERIENCE. AND OVER 90 PERCENT HAVE A 21+ years - 19% BACHELOR'S DEGREE OR BETTER. THAT MEANS HIRING A VETERAN AGILE DEVELOPER COULD GET EXPENSIVE. YOUR ONLY OTHER OPTION IS TO TRAIN AN INEXPERIENCED EDUCATION DEVELOPER AND HOPE High School – 3% YOUR INVESTMENT PAYS OFF. Associate Degree – 5% Bachelor's Degree - 47% Master's Degree - 43% Doctorate - 2% WILLING TO BACHELOR'S AND MASTER'S DEGREE – 90% 77% RELOCATE? 23% NO YES THE AGILE PROFESSOR IS IN MOST ARE TENURED, EDUCATED PROFESSIONALS TOP INDUSTRIES Computer Systems Design Custom Computer Programming Software Publishers Management Consulting Services Commercial Banking Data Processing and Hosting Electronic Computer Manufacturing Other Business Support Services THE AVERAGE SALARY FOR AN AGILE DEVELOPER: TOP JOB TITLES IN DEMAND Java DeveloperS Software Engineer $110,781. Software Developer Web Developer Senior Java Developer QA Engineer SALARY IN THE 90TH Project Manager .Net Developer Business Analyst Senior Software Engineer PERCENTILE: $165,000. Don't get stuck behind the agile development methodology hiring eight ball. Produced in partnership with CareerBuilder. Get all the data now at OYoh A Iay & Zinmennann Cm/xiny TAKE ONE TAKE ONE TAKE ONE TAKE ONE KE ONE

Agile Development: Who's Hiring & Who's Hirable

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The rapid adoption of the agile development methodology has created a sizable talent gap.


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