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Accounting CRM can impove sales for small business

TRANSFORM YOUR SALES SMALL BUSINESS INTO A POWERHOUSE CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (CRM) APPLICATIONS have a proven track record of increasing sales by up sales forecast accuracy by 42% 29% productivity by up to 34% to (1] When paired with accounting software, CRM apps give businesses a full picture of all their accounts by organizing massive amounts of data and presenting the results automatically. In a world where the most successful IN SHORT, CRM APPS ARE HOW ll BUSINESSES BECOME companies are customer-focused, CRM apps make the customer king. “CUSTOMER COMPANIES" 5 CRM APPS AND CUSTOMER INTERACTION 21 A CRM app instantly organizes scores of customers' data from a variety of locations into one, [2] easy-to-use interface. SEE WHAT CUSTOMERS ARE UP TO REAL-TIME FEED > Effective CRM apps compile all of this data (and more) instantly and then deliver it to the user in the form of a simple feed. RESPOND TO CUSTOMERS FASTER EMAIL > An effective CRM app will organize all the users'data, and compile and synchronize it with their preferred email client: ll COMPILE EMAIL PRESENT IT WITH OTHER IN A COHESIVE CRM DATA PACKAGE BEGIN THE CONVERSION PROCESS LEADS > CRM apps help users keep their current customers. They help to expand and convert leads by: ORGANIZING LEADS from both standard and new-media sources into one platform TRACKING AND MANAGING LEADS through monitoring social media channels MANAGING LEAD CONVERSION by sending appropriate information to a variety of in-house users KNOW CUSTOMERS BETTER SOCIAL MEDIA > A CRM app tracks both existing and potential customers' social media presence in a variety of ways: • FOLLOWING UP ON TRACKING CUSTOMERS' QUESTIONS SOCIAL MEDIA posed via social CONVERSATIONS to media gain invaluable insight • Using social media to gather more INFORMATION • TRACKING LEADS gained through social media automatically ABOUT CUSTOMERS BUSINESSES CAN ALSO ACCESS THESE SOCIAL FUNCTIONS whether in the office or on the go with mobile compatibility. NEVER MISS A CUSTOMER REQUEST TASKS > Task-management is a critical component in keeping customers happy. A CRM APP MAKES IT QUICK AND EASY BY ALLOWING USERS TO: V Organize tasks according to priority Add or delete new tasks with ease (sometimes using drag-and-drop) HELP CUSTOMERS SUCCEED PERFORMANCE > CRM apps offer a variety of methods through which users can track their progress with clients: COMPARE MANAGE VIEW CLIENT DATA over time and adjust accordingly PROJECTIONS CLIENT with sales METRICS BETTER UNDERSTAND CUSTOMER NEEDS CONTACTS > CRM apps manage all their users'email contacts and compile data from across multiple platforms CRM APPS AND IN-HOUSE COMMUNICATION CRM APPS ORGANIZE ALL THIS DATA INTO ONE, EASY-TO-MANAGE INTERFACE. CRM apps also make sharing it with employees, customers, potential customers, and anyone quick, easy, and accessible on a variety of devices else PAIRING WITH ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE ) To get the most out of a CRM app, many successful businesses merge its functionality with accounting software already in use EFFICIENCIES FROM THE MERGE > CRM apps give access to: ACCOUNT KEY CONTACTS HISTORY CUSTOMER INTERNAL ACCOUNT 1... COMMUNICATIONS DISCUSSIONS Merging this data with accounting software can help users not only gain insight about past trends, but also HELP THEM TO CREATE A MORE ACCURATE FORECAST FOR THE FUTURE. > Having all accounts and their history in one place through a CRM app also uf reduces search increases productivity and can take a user's business time to the next level salesforce intuit. Small business, rejoice. < SOURCES: > [11 12

Accounting CRM can impove sales for small business

shared by billytrail on Apr 08
CRM apps manages customer data from a variety of sources and displays it in one screen – you won’t have to leave your bowser window. Working your CRM with your accounting software, like Quickbooks...




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