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Access Domain Names in Your Language

ACCESS DOMAIN NAMES IN YOUR LANGUAGE ICANN What is the Domain Name System? Top Level Domains (TLDS) The Domain Name System (DNS) helps people find the Internet address they are looking for. Top Level Domains (TLDS) are the last part of the domain name. You can think of TLDS in two categories: E Country Code Top Level Domains (CCTLDS) Used or reserved for a country, a sovereign state or a dependent territory. IP addresses are The DNS uses letters, Every computer on the Internet has a unique address - like a postal address - called its IP address. IP stands for E Generic Top Level Domains (8TLDS) difficult to remember. the domain name, A TLD that does not correspond to a country code; for example, .com, .org or .net. instead of numbers so it is easier to remember. Internet Protocol. What are Internationalized Domain Names? What's changed with Top Level Domains? An Internationalized Domain Name uses a particular encoding and format to allow additional scripts to be used in the Domain Name System. Until late 2009, Top Level Domains were restricted to a set of Latin letters (a-z). After 2009, TLDS became available in other scripts like Arabic, Chinese and Cyrillic. DOMAIN NAME .uk Latin letters a to z without accents or symbols .org .com IDNS can be either ccTDs or gTLDs. 2009 Internationalized Domain Names (IDNS) INTERNATIONALIZED DOMAIN 。 中国 ,рФ IDNS 例子 . 测试 NAMES ADDED Comprise any TLDS with non-Latin characters or Latin Letters from different scripts (.arab) (.china) (.rf) characters with accents. Why Internationalize Domain Names? рф More and more people around the world, once unconnected, are online. Internationalized Domain Names allow people around the world to access domain names in their local languages. Number of Internet Users Worldwide* Top Three Internet Users By Country* 2000 2014 2020 30% 2000 2014 22% 5B expected more languages communities join 413M 3.8B 9% 10% 6% 8% U.S. JAPAN GERMANY CHINA U.S. INDIA ICANN's Progress on IDNS The LGR is a mechanism for creating and maintaining rules to determine valid IDN 38 IDN country code Top Level Domains created in the root zone through the Fast Track Program labels in different scripts 2003 2007 2010 2013 2014 Future IDN Implementation Guidelines v.1 example.text domains as the first IDN TLDS in 35 IDN generic Top Level Domains created in the root zone through the new Generic Top Level Domain program Look for more IDN TLDS to be created in the the root root zone. ICANN initiates the ICANN initiates and development of Label Generation Ruleset encourages the formation of for TLDS. community-based panels for 28 scripts for example: Arabic, Chinese and Cyrillic. Speak Up For Your Language A fully internationalized Domain Name System is within reach but we need the collaboration of the Volunteer for your language by emailing: [email protected] global Internet community - technical and linguistic experts, policy-makers, application developers, end users and other stakeholders. Find out more information by visiting: We need your help to determine how to include your language script in Top Level Domains. *Source: Internet Live Stats (

Access Domain Names in Your Language

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ICANN has instituted the IDN Program to assist and promote the multilingual Internet using IDNs. The program is primarily focused on the planning and implementation of the IDN Top-level Domains (TLDs)...






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