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About Time: The Benefits of Time Tracking

ABOUT HTIMEH THE BENEFITS OF TIME TRACKING Provides greater awareness Tracking exposes how much time you spend on productive tasks and how much time you waste on unproductive tasks. Improves focus Tracking encourages you to focus on one activity for an extended period of time, rather than jump back and forth aimlessly. Eliminates Delivers proof non-essential activity You can show your boss exactly what you have worked on, how long you spent, and how it positively impacted the company. Once you reveal how much time you spend on low-priority tasks, you can reduce or cut out non-essential tasks. Provides more accurate estimates Adds an extra element Keeping track of how long it takes you to get certain tasks done will help you estimate delivery dates and stick to deadlines. of accountability Whether you work from home or at the office, time tracking can help you stay disciplined and accountable. Saves money - Time tracking helps employers and employees better understand the company's workflow and inefficiencies. - Once changes are made to reduce inefficiencies and time wasters, the company can cut back on these costs. TIME TO GET TRACKING BEFORE YOU START TRACKING YOUR TIME OR YOUR EMPLOYEES’ TIME, CONSIDER THESE TIPS: START SMALL BE CONSISTENT Time tracking is most effective if you stick to it. As an employer: Explain the benefits of tracking and set the tone for a culture of consistent time tracking. Try out free or low-cost time tracking solutions first. KEEP IT SIMPLE BE FLEXIBLE If time tracking is overly elaborate or time consuming, no one will want to stick with it. Try different tracking tools and systems until you find what works best for you. As an employer: Walk employees through your time-tracking service; provide training if necessary. As an employer: Consider giving employees the ability to track in multiple ways. EXPLORE DIFFERENT TIME-TRACKING TOOLS CHOOSE AN APP THAT IS BEST SUITED TO YOUR NEEDS. DIFFERENT TIME TRACKERS CAN DO SOME OR ALL OF THE FOLLOWING: Manage employees and projects Sync multiple devices INTEGRATE WITH OTHER APPS SUCH AS: 31 Google calendar Google sheets Slack Twitter Dropbox Asana Embed directly into your project management tool Create invoices Calculate and send out payments 2$ Track earnings, Provide detailed Back up data expenses, and payment periods reports Zz Time tracking not only saves time- it can save money and aggravation too. Take better control of your time through consistent tracking. ululululıu Brought to you by: A small part of your job is 100% of ours.

About Time: The Benefits of Time Tracking

shared by Ghergich on Aug 29
There are many benefits to time tracking such as improved focus, adds accountability, provides estimates and saves money. Check out the infographic below for time tracking strategies and tools to impr...




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