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The ABCs of Visual Ads That Work

The ABCS of Visual Ads That Work ATTENTION First and foremost, your visual ads need to attract the user's attention. BRANDING Trust is of the essence. Use your brand elements (logo, colors) to build trust. CALL-TO-ACTION Calls to action are mandatory, they fill in the gap between the value proposition and the next steps down the conversion funnel. IDO DESIGN MATCH Confirm that your landing page transmit what your users expects to see when they click on your visual ad EMPATHY All great ads have this in common: they all speak to the users. Empathy helps you understand your target audience, what makes them tick and what they respond to. FREQUENCY Showing your visual ads too often is wasted money and annoyed users. Control how often your target audience will see your ad. GOAL Set a clear goal so you know how your ads are performing against your objective. HEADLINE Along with images and design, head lines are key for attracting attention. Create a simple, effective headline for your ads. IMAGES The brain perceives visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Choose eye-catching, professional and clear images for your ads. JOKE Don't shy away from using humor in your ads, if appropriate. KPI Know your metrics so you know where you stand. Before you start your campaign, select the most relevant metrics for your objective. L LANDING PAGE It's almost as important as the visual ad. Landing pages need to reflect the promise your ads made. Create landing pages that mirror your visuals as much as possible. MEASUREMENT This is how you know how well your visual ads are performing. Measure what matters to see how you're doing against your objectives. NATIVE ADS Ads that fully match the look and feel of the website or the platform they appear on. OPTIMIZATION Visual ads don't work on a set it and leave it basis. To get the results you want, you need to follow up and constantly optimize. PIXEL PERFECT Sloppy design will make your ads look unprofessional. Make sure that everything is in place, no jagged edges or blurry images. QUALITY Quality images, good copy, proper alignment - all those allow you to build trust with your target audience. RETURN ON INVESTMENT Return on investment allows you to evaluate how efficient your ads are by comparing the invested budget and the total amount your ads brought in. SIMPLE Overcrowded visual ads make text hard to read and might deter users from taking action. Respect the C.R.A.P. design principles and keep ads simple. TARGET AUDIENCE You can create the coolest ads, but if you're showing them to the wrong audience, you won't see any results. Take a few minutes to think about your target audience and make sure you know how to reach them. UNDERSTANDABLE Good visual ads are easy to understand. The images are clear and professional, and text can be easily read and understood. VIEW THROUGH View through conversions allow you to track results for users who saw your ads. To measure the full impact of your ads, tracking both click through and view through conversions is necessary. WHY SHOULD I CLICK? The number 1 question your ads need to answer. Give your users a reason to click or at least something they can easily remember you by. THE ADCHOICES X The small sign in the top right corner that allows users to opt out of receiving specific ads and to report ads that cover page content. YOU Your ads are not about you. They are about your target audience. The best ads create an amazing experience for the end user, not for the business owner or marketer. Z TONS OF PATIENCE Overnight success doesn't happen in real life, and it doesn't happen with visual ads either. You need both time and patience to test, test, test to get good results. ņ bannersnack

The ABCs of Visual Ads That Work

shared by katairobi on May 01
They say an image is worth a thousand words, so we thought, why not give our marketers, designers and advertisers an ABC to guide them through visual creation?




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