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9 Ways to Crush Your Sales Goals in 2018

WAYS TO CRUSH YOUR SALES GOALS) IN 2018 Most sales are won and lost based on one key factor: You. You hold the keys to your sales success. Competitors don't win because their offerings are more impressive. They win because they deliver a superior sales experience. You can too. Here we share 9 ways-with data from the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research- you can crush your sales goals in 2018 and beyond. DRIVE VALUE While all sellers talk about providing value, few actually do it well. To drive value you need to have a plan to 81% create value. You need to live and breathe value. The of Top-Performing Sales Organizations agree their sales organization is focused on driving maximum value for buyers compared to 61% of The Rest.' companies and sellers that do this experience wildly better sales results. BUYERS FIND ONLY 42% OF THEIR MEETINGS WITH SELLERS VALUABLE GROW YOUR ACCOUNTS 76% of companies believe they should be generating at least 25% more revenue from their strategic accounts. Only 38% of companies agree they are effective at growing their accounts. ACROSS THE BOARD, SELLING TO EXISTING ACCOUNTS IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST UNTAPPED OPPORTUNITIES FOR SALES GROWTH. IF YOU'RE SERIOUS ABOUT SALES GROWTH, LOOK FIRST TO YOUR EXISTING CLIENTS. BRING INSIGHTS TO YOUR BUYERS WINNERS EDUCATE BUYERS Buyers want your ideas and are looking for your insights. The sellers who do this win significantly more often. Insights are a great way to drive value (# 1) and to generate new opportunities in your accounts (#2). MORE OFTEN THAN SECOND-PLACE FINISHERS AND UNDERSTAND NEEDS AND BE STOP! COLLABORATE AND LISTEN PERSUASIVE TOO! According to buyers, sales winners don't just provide new ideas and perspectives. They also: COLLABORATE WITH BUYERS 73% PERSUADE BUYERS THEY WILL ACHIEVE RESULTS 70% LISTEN TO BUYERS 75% UNDERSTAND BUYERS' NEEDS 73% When it comes to bringing insights (see previous tip) and collaborating with buyers, sales winners sell radically differently than second-place finishers. None of the remaining factors are new, it's simply that winners do a better job at these. If you want to win more, consider how you're performing in these areas MINIMIZE BUYERS' RISK FIND THE DOMINO My 61% PITFALLS THEY MAY ENCOUNTER AFTER PURCHASE OF BUYERS SAY THAT SALES WINNERS HELP THEM AVOID 73% OF BUYERS SAY THE SELLER THEY CHOSE WAS CONSIDERED 90% OF THE TIME, SELLERS ONLY NEED TO CONVINCE 1 PERSON IN A BUYING TRUSTWORTHY wwww COMMITTEE: THE DOMINANT INFLUENCER? The buzz in sales is that buying committees are growing. While this may be true, we've who Risk plays a major role in the buyer's decision process. Buyers are naturally skeptical, many have been burned in the past, and with all change comes risk. It's your job to minimize this risk and overcome the risk hurdles. found that buying teams have 1 person has profound influence over the ultimate decision-the Domino. Find the Domino and inspire them with your solution. BE PROACTIVE 75% 66% 70% B2B PURCHASES ARE MADE AS BUYERS SAY THEY WANT TO B2B BUYERS ARE OPEN A RESULT OF STRATEGIC TALK TO SELLERS WHEN THEY TO SWITCHING TO A OPPORTUNITIES ARE LOOKING FOR NEW IDEAS DIFFERENT PROVIDER Opportunities are out there. Buyers are making strategic investments, they're open to switching providers, and they want to talk to sellers. Approach conversations with value and you can blow away your sales goals. But you must do this proactively. Conversations aren't going to fall into your lap. ON THE FUIP SIDE, YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE OPEN TO ENTERTAINING COMPETITIVE CONVERSATIONS. BE SURE YOU'RE WORKING WITH YOUR ACCOUNTS CLOSELY, CONTINUOUSLY BRINGING VALUE AND GROWING THEM, OR YOUR COMPETITORS WILL. MANAGE YOUR TIME FOR MAXIMUM SALES PRODUCTIVITY TREASURED Time that you hold dear 71% INVESTMENT Time spent focusing on achievement OF COMPANIES DO NOT BELIEVE THEIR SELLERS MANAGE THEIR TIME AND DAY EFFECTIVELY MUNDANE sales goals, you need to maximize your Time spent performing tasks To crush your time and motivation to get more done. Begin to track your TIME. Then make a plan for how you want to spend it. The sooner you figure out where your time is going, the sooner you can start maximizing the time you spend on what's really important. you feel like you have to do EMPTY Time wasted DEVELOP THE SKILLS YOU NEED TO SUCCEED 68% 65% 65% TOP 3 SALES SKILLS POSSESSED BY SELLERS AT TOP-PERFORMING SALES ORGANIZATIONS You and your team must master these 3 skills if you want to see sales success. You can do everything else here, but you won't experience the success you should if you: 3 Don't have a process to win sales 3 Can't lead successful sales conversations DRIVING AND CORE DRIVING Don't know how to grow your accounts WINNING SALES CONSULTATIVE ACCOUNT OPPORTUNITIES SELLING GROWTH DO YOU WANT TO CRUSH YOUR GOALS IN 2018? RAIN Group can help your team lead masterful sales conversations, build your pipeline, increase win rates, negotiate the best agreements, and drive growth in strategic accounts. Contact us to learn how we can unleash the sales potential of your team. RAIN Group 1 Top-Performing Sales Organizations are those with higher win rates, revenue growth, and who achieve premium pricing. 2 Steve W. Martin, Why Didn't They Buy? (DiscoverOrg, 2017), 3 Mike Schultz, John Doerr, and Mary Flaherty, The Top-Performing Sales Organization (RAIN Group, 2016). 4 Mike Schultz et al., Top Performance in Strategic Account Management (RAIN Group, 2017). 5 Mike Schultz and John Doerr, What Sales Winners Do Differently (RAIN Group, 2013). 6 Top Performance in Sales Prospecting (RAIN Group, forthcoming). Boston - Bogotá - Geneva - Johannesburg London - Mumbai - Sydney - Toronto

9 Ways to Crush Your Sales Goals in 2018

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Most sales are won and lost based on one key factor: You. You hold the keys to your sales success. Competitors don’t win because their offerings are more impressive. They win because they deliver a ...


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