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9 secrets from workers who love Mondays

9 secrets of MONDAYS WORKERS WHO SUNDAY BLUES BLEEDING INTO YOUR WORK WEEK? You'd be saying TGIM instead of TGIF if you knew what the most satisfied workers in America know. 1. FIND A BOSS WHO'S NOT A JERK CONTRIBUTORS TO WORKPLACE SATISFACTION #1 Respectful treatment GREAT WORK, KID! BRAVO! #2 Trust between employees and management # 3 Benefits #4 Money 2. GET OUT OF DODGE 3. BE IN GOOD COMPANY States where people tweet that they LOVE THEIR JOBS THE MOST? Top factors for good work culture among VERY HAPPY WORKERS³ 1 WASHINGTON OPEN AND COLLABORATIVE WORK ENVIRONMENT OREGON UTAH Dodge i City 2 CALIFORINA FREEDOM TO MAKE OWN DECISIONS STRONG LEADERSHIP HAWAII 4. PLAY THE FIELD 5. SPEND LESS TIME AT THE OFFICE 70% INDUSTRIES IN WHICH EMPLOYEES MOST TWEET LOVING OF HAPPY THEIR JOBS2 EMPLOYEES SAY 20% THEY HAVE Food/ beverage WORKPLACE FLEXIBILITY3 including flex-timing and/or telecommuting 20% Education 6. .OR LAND THE CORNER OFFICE #TGIM 69% OF BOSSES ARE HAPPY 19% WITH THEIR JOBS, compared to 48% of workers4 Retail 7. GET PAID TO DO 8. FIND A WORK BFF 9. CHOOSE A HAPPY JOB WHAT YOU LOVE CAREERS WITH THE People with a BEST FRIEND at work are GREATEST JOB WORKERS WHO SATISFACTION GET TO APPLY MORE 48% 7X PERSONAL ENGAGED IN Cartographers/ photogrammetrists INTERESTS AT THEIR JOB6 97% THEIR JOBS WHO SAY THEY'RE VERY SATISFIED5 Rotary drill operators, oil and gas 93% VS. 7% 90% Clergy WORKERS WHO DON'T GET TO DO THAT WHO SAY THEY'RE VERY SATISFIED5 Find a job on Monster that will make you say TGIM. MONSTER And if you're lucky enough to already love Mondays, FIND BETTER tell the world! ……--> #TGIM Y SOURCES: 1) SHRM; 2) Monster/Brandwatch; 3) The Staples Advantage Workplace Index; 4) Pew Research Center; 5) Philips; 6)Gallup; 7) PayScale

9 secrets from workers who love Mondays

shared by monster on Sep 28
For many, as Sunday night settles in, anxiety about the work week also creeps up. The inbox full of emails to respond to, the prospect of more endless meetings where nothing gets accomplished, and th...




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