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9 Religious Symbols and What They Mean In Logo Design

WHEELS Wheels symbolize coming "full circle" in spirituality. They stand for coming to term with our inside energies and bringing out peace through the religious journey. SPIRALS ANCHOR Spirals are an ancient way of denoting the very being of the goddess, because spirals represent the womb, the flux, and the motion. The pagan Luna goddess The anchor is also a popular religious symbol as it is known to have strong associations with Jesus. This is because the anchor has come to known as a was also denoted with a universal symbol of hope. spiral. 乐 DOMES BUDDHA Domes are known to Everyone is familiar with the symbol represent both churches and of Buddha mosques. RELIGIOUS SYMBOLS sitting under Often you a tree. This will see symbol is domesworking alone in symbols of mosques known to literally mean 'Buddha.' and churches. AND WHAT THEY MEAN IN MOON BIRDS LOGO DESIGN The moon is seen as Birds are used as a a feminine symbol, a depiction of the sacred feminine or depiction of spiritual feminine energy. the goddess. Many secular organizations also use it for the same energy which is a symbol of hope and presence. In particular, the dove is used by South Asian religions as it represents peace and harmony of religious faiths. LOTUS TREE The lotus symbolizes purity, unity and prosperity, fertility and beauty. The reason it is used for denoting the spirit or essence of certain religious philosophies is that the lotus grows in impure water. The tree represents the tree of life, Mother Nature, tree of shade etc. It is used in Wiccan symbols as well as secular symbols because of its universal meaning of nurture. on DesignMantic

9 Religious Symbols and What They Mean In Logo Design

shared by DesignMantic on Dec 14
Here are some examples of masculine and feminine icons with their meanings that have existed in the history to depict the essence of a religious philosophy, which can be used in your logo icons. DIY ...


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