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9 Powerful Reasons to Use Email Marketing

The POWERFUL REASONS to use TheirinboX EMAIL MARKETING Back in the early days of the Internet, email was really a BIG thing. The phrase "You've Got Mail!" was more than just a catchy movie title, as it embodied and epitomizes instantaneous, long-distance communications through the World Wide Web. Then spam kicked in. Unsolicited emails aimed at tricking people into giving up personal and other vital financial information - all contributed to email's seeming demise. But from a business perspective, email marketing is still considered as one of the most effective digital marketing tools available – that actually delivers results. We're not talking about unsolicited email here, but email sent to a subscriber list people willingly sign up to is definitely a powerful digital marketing tool to reckon with. Want proof? Up to... With as much as... 88% 59% of marketers in the B2B arena claiming it's the best channel there is for making revenue. do use email marketing for their strategies, If that's not enough to convince you, then the following 9 powerful reasons surely will. USE EMAIL MARKETING TO I. BUILD BRAND AWARENESS Email is dead, you might have heard others say this. Before you believe any of these statements, you better get all your facts straight. Email is far from dead and it's used by as much as.. 2.4 BILLION USERS WORLDWIDE of whom check their inbox for new 91% messages every single day. But what's more significant about email marketing from a business perspective is the fact that as much as 76% of email accounts are owned by consumers. That's the tremendous reach and potential of email marketing, making it a perfect tool for building brand awareness and reaching out to targeted customers. Through email marketing, brands can send regular updates, promo notices, holiday greetings and other important information directly to their subscribers – and that will definitely place their brands on top of their targeted customers' minds. 2 USE EMAIL MARKETING To TARGET SPECIFIC CUSTOMERS Email accounts are expected to continuously grow in numbers next year and the subsequent years to come, And is forecasted to reach 4.9 BILLION ACCOUNTS before the year 2017 ends. O---------> The fact that people signed up to your email or subscriber lists points to the reality that you will be sending out emails to people who may already be interested in your products or services. On top of that, you can make use of segmentation and subdivide your email list according to people that meets a certain demographic or criteria - and send messages directly to their account inbox. USE EMAIL MARKETING TO 3. DRIVE POSITIVE,ACTION Trom Targeled Customers Building a targeted a email list, you are in a position to generate positive action from your prospects and customers. In fact, as much as 23.63% of emails received are opened by recipients within the same hour according to one study, which actually correlates with another study that says 21.1% of every one thousand emails are opened by their recipients. Research and case studies actually highlighted that the use of email marketing is more effective in terms of generating new business than social networks like Facebook or Twitter by as much as 40x. 17 Emails that drive people to your websites can generate.. Saill 3.75 o PAGE VIEWS Higher engagement rates like these eventually end up with high conversion rates of up to 2.9% on the average. USE EMAIL MARKETING TO 4. INCREASE YOUR SALES In times like these, consumers usually go for where they can get discounts and save money SUBSCRIBE 65% One of the easiest and practical route is to subscribe to store email lists to receive email of consumers consider very important for online shopping. coupons, which.. That's why many stores, brands and products are using email marketing and leveraging on email coupons for increasing sales. In fact, as much as.. Consumers do respond to such campaigns, just like what.. 33.6% 59% sale of national businesses make use of email marketing to reach out to local consumers like these. of moms in the US do when they signup for email lists that offer discounts and rewards. USE EMAIL MARKETING TO S. SAVE ON MARKETING COSTS The predecessor of email marketing is direct mail, which up to now is still used by many businesses. The allure of receiving a physical document in your hands just like what direct mail does are very effective in enticing recipients to take action. The problem with direct mail however is the cost, which is practically as much as 20 times more expensive that email. For every dollar spent on direct mail, businesses receive as much as $7 in sales. But if email marketing is used instead, that same dollar can generate even higher revenues of up to $45.65 for a very excellent ROI. That's why studies show that as high as 85% of all retailers in the United States use email marketing as their most cost-effective marketing tactic for generating new customers. USE EMAIL MARKETING TO 6. REACH MOBILE CUSTOMERS Mobile marketing is going to be big and is projected to be the biggest digital marketing channel in succeeding years. It has affected other online marketing channels as well, including email marketing. With more than.. 52% it is but logical for business owners to pursue customers through mobile email marketing. of mobile users in the United States accessing their emails though their mobile gadgets, Unlike text messages that may incur charges, mobile email is free and offers more space for messages and multimedia better than any texting services. SEND Even discount coupons have entered the realm of mobile email marketing, with experts projecting usage to reach more than 1 billion people within the next five years. 7. USE EMAIL MARKETING TO KEEP YOUR CUSTOMERS INFORMED Staying on top of your customers' minds during the buying process is important for generating revenues that businesses need to survive and be competitive. How do you keep your brands, products or services on top of their minds? By providing them with relevant information through email marketing. Composel People subscribe to newsletters and email lists because they believe they'll receive important updates and information that interests or is relevant to them, SUBSCRIBE just like what.. 28% of online shoppers in the United States do. USE EMAIL MARKETING FOR O. YOUR INTEGRATED DIGITAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN One of the key attributes of email marketing is its customization and personalization features, just like customized welcome messages and personalized recommendations on products and services that can cater to your targeted customers' needs. hello! This makes email marketing a great tool for adding to your integrated digital marketing mix. Many consumers actually do prefer email over social media when receiving brand or product info, just like what the table below indicate. If done well enough, this type of engagement with email marketing will result in a sale. Which of the following do you use MOST often to connect with brands/companies you trust? Consumers with a smartphone Consumers without a smartphone Marketers 45% 36% 49% Email 21% 31% 26% Facebook 15% 4% 2% Twitter 9% 8% 0% Smartphone App 0% 7% 3% Text 9. USE EMAIL MARKETING TO MAKE TARGETED CUSTOMERS COME BACK What's better than getting customers? Easy – that's customers that keep coming back for more, and more, and more. When communicating with brands, and it is through these lines of communications where consumers are enticed to come back and 48% make more purchases. 48% of consumers prefer email as their main communication channel, V SOLD V SOLD These communications build trust and good relationships with customers - so they'll come back for more. Emails can be used in various ways to communicate with consumers: product updates, upcoming sales, reminder emails for consumable or renewable products, or even just simple "We Miss You!" emails. Inbox (4) The key here is to make use of tools that is right for your type of business, brands or products and is good enough to help you with all your digital marketing efforts. Email marketing is one such marketing tool that is very cost-effective, easy to use and maintain – and deliver the type of positive results you want to prepare your business for next year and the years to come. Created & Designed by: Powered by: Theirlnbox JG DIGITAL MARKETING Sources: http/ s 12-06-08-the data_digest_digital_seniors sales/why_marketers_should_keep_sending_you_emails line%20Retail%20Customer620Acquisition%20Tactics620According%20to620Shoporg%20Forrester%20Research620Study/-/E-PRE7204 tp:// php?pr=466 50%

9 Powerful Reasons to Use Email Marketing

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Back in the early days of the Internet, email was really a BIG thing. The phrase “You’ve Got Mail!” was more than just a catchy movie title, as it embodied and epitomizes instantaneous, long-dis...


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