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The 9 Most Despised Work Personalities

The Contrarian The Naysayer The Oversharer The Loner The Excessive Emailer The Butt Kisser The Black Hole The Tool The Slacker The 9 Most Despised Work Personalities Annoying Work Personality Disorders that Kill Productivity "I hate people." "It was "Relax. There's no THIS BIG!" reason to stress." The Loner The Slacker The Oversharer The purposely antisocial person who even sometimes acts sorta snobby about it. Their refusal to interact or be a "team Always overshares intimate details about their life and constantly posts awkwardly private things on Facebook and Twitter. Now, if only you could get them to be that detailed and consistent about Never seems to get things done on time, has a laid back attitude and has been caught sleeping at work on several occasions. This person cannot be relied player" creates unnecesary team divides and silos, which make it harder for their team to get things done efficiently. on. updating their work status! Easy Identifier: Easy Identifier: Easy Identifier: Wears noise canceling headphones even when not connected to any type of musical device. Often wears shorts and flip flops (or no shoes at all) to work and can be found with their feet on their desk at any given Spends a lot of time telling stories in the break room that no one cares about. time. "That will never work." "Sure boss. I'lI have it on "TIll resend the email so it's at the top of your inbox." your desk yesterday!" The Excessive Emailer The Naysayer The Butt Kisser The Excessive Emailers live for email. They love to CC anybody and everybody and unnecessarily click Reply All to almost every email thread. They're the main reason your inbox is packed, making you waste hours trying to sift through what's important and what's not. The Naysayer always has something to complain about and never has suggestions for solutions. All you have to do to find them in the office is listen for the sound of deep, emotional sighs and an Eeyore- toned voice. Their negativity about work brings the whole office down and depletes motivation. Is there anything this person won't agree to do? Have they tapped into some supernatural source of time that we don't know about? They always say "yes" in an attempt to impress their boss and coworkers so when they don't get things done there are never repercussions because the boss still operates under the illusion that they had a crazy work load, Easy Identifier: Easy Identifier: Easy Identifier: Incessantly checking their phone and computer for new emails, to the point that they're never engaged in anything else. Keep their shoulders hunched and an upset expression on their face. Always trying to find somebody to listen to them complain and gossip about their boss, job, and coworkers. Always grinning, giving a thumbs up, but hasn't delivered on any deadlines for over a month. "I'm too sexy for this job." "Two more drafts and we can call this final-final." "No, you're wrong." The Contrarian The Black Hole The Tool As if approval processes aren't tedious enough already, the Black Hole doesn't seem to notice and always, always has feedback to give-making approvals into a process of 70 iterations before you can call work "final." This results in lots of extra rework and overtime. Working out is their second job and they love to talk to you about it. Not to mention their perfectly coiffed hair and and how they condescendingly flex their muscles while they speak to you. These people are too busy loving themselves to contribute to the team or finish their work on time. This person always finds a way to contradict what you say. No matter what you do, you're wrong and they know best. They'll even make things up just to sound like they know what they're talking about. Unwilling to compromise or collaborate because they think everything should be their way. Impossible to agree on things and get work done. Easy Identifier: Easy Identifier: Easy Identifier: Comes to review meetings with an angry red pen and constantly changes his or her mind Checking out their own reflection in windows, mixing protein shakes in the break room and always trying to get people to start crazy diets, Trots around with a raised eyebrow and condescending demeanor. about direction in between reiews. ATask Keep everyone productive-even the annoying ones. O

The 9 Most Despised Work Personalities

shared by Matt_Siltala on Nov 26
Regardless of their form, we can all identify one or two frustrating work personalities who negatively impact productivity at work. Which one is it for you?


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