9 awesome facts about Green Roofs

ARE GREEN ROOFS REALLY GOOD FOR YOU? We all live in metro cities now, which is mostly full of big bleak-hued buildings. One thing we see now is lack of greenery. Green Roofs (roofs with grass or plants growing on top) are becoming a promising solution to this problem; however, are they really good for you? YES. And here's why: 2 Extends ( ZRoof Life It doubles sometimes triples 13 Absorbs Isunlight the life of roof material, from cracks or growing brittle from extensive sunlight Green roof can soak sun rays. It keeps your home interior cooler and lower your utility bills 34 Rainwater Absorbs A rooftop green space can reduce the chance of flood by absorbing rainwater (upto 80%), especially if your gutter overflow from runoff decreases volume clean air Decreases Outside Noises 4 A Keeps Temperature Down Greenery can actually reduce exterior noise by around eight decibles. It acts as a sound barrier on your rooftop It keeps the tempeature down by counteract the urban heat effect, where the city buildings capture sunlight and heat up the area Resists Fire -73 Improves -/ Air Quality Your roof will act as a natural form of fire resistance, because the plants A rooftop garden improves the air quality, retain water it helps in reducing the quantity of hazardous waste we breathe in 9 O Feeds Your pets Increases Efficiency easy to maintain a green roof, by either hiring someone to clip it or just buy Its It helps the solar panel to absorb more sunlight & make them more efficiently effective a couple of chickens or guinea pigs! Address : 601 Sherwood lane Edmond OK 73034 United States Phn No : (405) 802-1135 Website : EVOLVE HOME DESIGN + BUILD

9 awesome facts about Green Roofs

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Are green Roofs Really Good For health?Now a days people are suffering from cardiac and respiratory problems Due to global warming.So green roof is really good for health?Building and decorating gree...


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