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8 Tips to make your Billboard Advertising Stand Out

8 IDEAS TO FOLLOW FOR KILLER BIILLBO ARDS I'm Whei Meng 1. INVEST IN A COPYWRITER 2. FIND THE If you're going to purchase billboard PERFECT advertising from a company like Clear LOCATION Channel Outdoor, you need to make sure your message is as effective as possible. Billboard advertising costs are not cheap and you want to get the best results for your money. Buying billboard advertising in a poor location is not going to give you a great return on your investment. This is true for mobile billboard advertising as well. 3. МАКЕ SURE ITS READABLE Have you ever passed by a billboard yo couldn't read? Chances are the text was too small or there was too much text to 4. USE EYE- CATCHING read in a few seconds. Whether you are using traditional or digital billboard advertising, make sure your billboard is readable. COLORS You have just a few seconds to catch the attention of a billboard reader. Your billboard needs to stand out from the rest and 5. encourage drivers who are passing by to read your message. EMBRACE SIMPLICITY A cluttered billboard is one that will be ignored. You want your message to leap out from the billboard and 6. KNOW THE МARKET. catch the attention of your ideal client or customer. Target your marketing to the person you can If your billboard is in Silicon Valley, help the most. you're speaking to a different group of people than if your billboard is in, say, the Bible belt. Fair warning: There are lots of eyes on your board. You're pretty much guaranteed to get phone catts if you push the boundaries, Proceed with caution. 7. CONSIDER THE COMPETITION. 8. USE Make sure you know what your DIGITAL TO competition is doing. Zig where they zag. If you don't want to put money in your competitors' pockets, don't put a generic ITS ADVANTAGE. casino ad out there. You don't Digital boards are great for real want to sell casinos; you want to time opportunities. Is your progressive jackpot ready to blow? Are you counting down to the grand prize? You can change sell your casino. digital billboards instantly, without all that production cost. For more details, you may visit I'm Whei Meng

8 Tips to make your Billboard Advertising Stand Out

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Check out our 8 tips that can be very usefull for you to for your Billboard Advertising to make it more effective and generate more leads.




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