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8 Tips to Create Outstanding Font Pairs

8 TIPS TO CREATE * OUTSTANDING * PAIRS MODERN&CIASSI) TOGETHER. Use a modern geometric font with a traditional serif font to make information more legible. The modern and classic combo is in vogue and compliments well with responsive designs. Introduce Visual METAPHORS Communicate the true essence of your design by symbolizing your message through appropriate fonts. Such as comic sans refers to non-seriousness, Impact symbolizes physical strength while brush fonts are meant to be more artistic. DESIGN HARMONIOUS HIERARCHIES Combine heavy and strong-structured fonts with thin and italic fonts to create musical font pairs that are perfect for rather fancy designs. ONE FONTE ALL Don't hesitate to use different variations of a single font across the brand. It creates fine distinction without overcomplicating the design. CREATE ONTEMPORARY GEOMETRICE Fonts with different geometric orientations, such as round and square or square and linear, offset perfectly well against each other. MIX WEIGHTS NUANCE TO CREATE Using typefaces with different weights can add nuance to the text. And it is an excellent way to balance natural composition of fonts to improve hierarchy and introduce subtle nuance. STROKES &Cuves Blend delicate strokes with elegant curves to inspire classic look. This fine combination goes perfect with print graphics and makes modern work of art look classier. CREATE DISRUPTIVE CONTRASTS! Sometimes, combining two typefaces is not about building a regular complementary look, it's about how well the two typefaces contrast each other when placed together. Disruptive font contrasts can be an element of distinction for design or brand if matched well. dn DesignMantic

8 Tips to Create Outstanding Font Pairs

shared by DesignMantic on Apr 08
Harmonized typography is the quintessential factor of designing. It is the very aspect that enhances the visual appeal and conception of a design. An imperfect font choice or a badly matched font pair...


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