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8 Famous Business Partnerships That Really Worked

Eight Famous Business Partnerships Setting up a successful business partnership can be challenging, with many legal and practical aspects to consider before jumping in. WB Warner Bros. - 1923 CALIFORNIA Founders: Sam, Jack, Albert and Harry Warner 22:2 Founded in 1923 in Culver City, California USA, the Warner The Warner Bros. founders were pioneering figures in the film industry, introducing sound to movies, creating the first four-legged film star and revolutionising musical movies. Bros. library contains over 61,000 hours of footage, including 6,500 movies Starting out as travelling exhibitors in 1903, Sam, Jack, Albert and Harry went on to open movie theatres and distribute films throughout Pennsylvania. Quickly realising that the biggest profits lay in production, the brothers began to make and release movies, including The Beautiful and Damned, The Jazz Singer and The Lights of New York. and tens of thousands of TV episodes. Warner Bros. has continued to produce iconic movies throughout the years including the Harry Potter film series, along with animation and television programmes such as ER and Friends. Culver City, California USA hp Hewlett Packard McDonald's Founders: Bill Hewlett and Founders: Richard and Dave Packard 22 Maurice McDonald 2 McDonald's was originally set up by Founded in a small garage in California, Hewlett Packard has since gone on to become a leading PC manufacturer, producing a wide range of computer hardware while also providing software, IT services and consultations to consumers. Richard and Maurice McDonald in 1940, starting out as a barbeque restaurant and developing into a hamburger stand in 1948. Hewlett and Packard's first successful product was an audio ocillator, which was snapped up by Walt Disney for the movie theatre surround sound systems it had designed for Fantasia. Businessman Ray Kroc joined the team in 1995 and subsequently purchased the company from the brothers, founding the McDonald's Corporation in the same year. The leading fast food restaurant has since gone on to expand globally and achieve worldwide success. 1955 1939 CALIFORNIA Founded in Founded in 1955 in 1939 in Palo Alto, California San Bernardino, USA the same state in which California USA, world famous food store McDonald's restaurants McDonalds was founded can now be found in 119 16 years later. countries. Palo Alto, California USA San Bernardino, California USA Microsoft Bill Gates 1975 Co-founder of Founders: Bill Gates and Paul Allen Microsoft Bill Gates Microsoft was officially established in 1975, when Paul Allen was reported to be worth $67 Billion as invented the company name by combining the word microcomputer with software. of March 2013 at the Now a leading software maker and one the most valuable companies in the world, Microsoft holds over 10,000 patents and publishes around 3,000 every year. As well as software, the company is also well-known for it's other products which include Bing, Xbox consoles and MSN, as well as Microsoft mobile phones and tablet computers. age of 57. Seattle, Washington USA WASHINGTON Apple Inc CALIFORNIA Founders: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak 2: You only need to look at the level of public reaction to the death of Steve Jobs in 2011 to see the effect this partnership had on the world. Jobs co-founded Apple with Steve Wozniak in 1976, with the pair's different skill sets coming together perfectly to make both their fortunes. 1976 Wozniak handled the technical side of things while Jobs looked after marketing, and the first ever Apple computer revolutionised the industry. Apple has since been responsible for many of the great technology innovations of recent decades, including the Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad. Cupertino, California USA Apple Inc. was founded in 1976 in Cupertino, California USA. Google BEN&JERRY'S Founders: Larry Page and Sergey Brin 22 Founders: Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield : The kings of the ice cream world, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield set The creators of Google first met at Stanford University in 1995, but after joining forces to devise an early working version of their search engine, they left three years later with their doctorates unfinished, up their company in 1978, and five years later their annual sales hit $4million. At that point, they had gathered together $1million in funding from investors and were receiving 10,000 visitors a day. Today, iƄ's widely acknowledged as the world's leading search engine and brings in several billion dollars in sales. The company was sold for $326million in 2000, but Ben and Jerry created a philosophy wherein around $1million each year is donated to charitable causes. While neither man is directly involved with the business any more, their idea prevails today. Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin own just 16% of the company. 1978 That 16% gives them a combined net worth of around $46bn. CALIFORNIA 1998 Burlington, Vermont USA Mountain View, California USA Burlington is the largest city in Vermont. The last official US census was carried out in 2010 and confirmed that the population was 625,741. San Fransisco, California USA Twitter Founders: Evan Williams, Biz Stone & Jack Dorsey 222 In 2013 63% of the worlds top brands have multiple twitter accounts, with a 56% increase Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has grown rapidly and now has over 500 million active registered users that tweet an average of 58 million messages a day. from 2011. Multiple accounts No Account or Activity Starting out as a suggestion in a daylong brainstorming session, Dorsey, Williams and Stone went on to develop the idea into a project with the codename twttr. This was soon turned into the platform we use today, where individuals can share shorts bursts of information with a group of people. No Account or Activity 7% There have since been off-earth Twitter messages and Tweets from the deepest point in the ocean. 63% 2006 2011 2013 |RALLI Telephone: 0161 832 6131 PARTNERSHIP LAW Sources: VERMONT

8 Famous Business Partnerships That Really Worked

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A look at the trials and tribulations of eight famously successful business partnerships, which includes Ben & Jerry and the co-founders of Google and Apple.


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