7 Ways to Save on Printing Costs

Márco. 7 WAYS TO SAVE ON PRINTING COSTS H ASK: "ISIT NECESSARY?" Face Up POST-IT PRODUCTS, OR Decreasing the amount of unnecessary prints can positively affect your total costs. Simply encourage your users to ask themselves if they actually need their document printed. NO STAPLES PAPER CLIPS PLEASE ADD A GREEN MESSAGE Adding a "green" message at the end of your emails and requesting recipients to only print if necessary is a great way to be environmentally responsible and make people conscious of any unnecessary printing. 3 4 REQUIRE AN ID OR NUMBER #34260 Installing software that requires a user to scan an ID or enter a number when they retrieve their prints cuts back on prints that are sent to the printer but never picked up. SET EFFICIENT DEFAULTS When configuring your printers and user access, default settings to print black-and-white and double sided. Decreasing the amount of color toner used and cutting paper usage in half can significantly affect your total printing costs. ELIMINATE PERSONAL PRINTERS Personal printers can encourage "print everything" habits, simply because the printer is within arm's reach. If an employee has to travel to the printer, even if it's only a few STC MA steps, they will be more cautious of unneeded printing. This will also cut down on the additional supply inventory needed to provide for so many personal printers. INSTALL TRACKING SOFTWARE 6. When you use print tracking software, you'll know exactly the types of jobs and the volume of prints each printer is doing, versus what you believe it's doing. The data provided by print tracking software will help you determine areas for improvement. INITIATE A MPS PROGRAM MPS 7 Managed Print Services (MPS) is a program offered by print service companies that manages all aspects of your business printing devices, including printers, scanners, faxes and copiers. The optimization of these devices enables businesses to save money, produce less paper waste and increase efficiency. For additional benefits of this solution, contact a Marco representative B, 90% of organizations that don't track their print costs, but want to get started: If you are like CHECK OUT OUR FREE PRINT COST CALCULATOR www.MARCONET.COM Márco © 2015 Marco, Inc. | All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use: You can use this infographic as long as you provide a credit link to Marco. ginal %24 %24 %24

7 Ways to Save on Printing Costs

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90% of organizations do not track their printing costs. Let us tell you some ways you could be saving!




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