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7 types of Employees you should fire and why

TYPES OF EMPLOYEES THE USUAL SUSPECTS THE SELF-CROWNED KING OF ETHICS THE BABY YOU SHOULD FIRE THE JOY SPONGE THE KNOW-IT-ALL AND WHY THE YES MAN THOSE WHO WON'T CHANGE THE USUAL SUSPECTS Feel free to fire these people! 5'0" 5'0" 4'0" 4'0" 3'0" 30" 1+1 = 3 2'0" 2'0" 10" 10" THE GUY WHO IS THE WOMAN WHO ISN'T THE NO BRAINER THE GUY WHO SHOWS STEALING DOING HER JOB UP TO WORK NAKED THE SELF-CROWNED KING OF ETHICS The guy who feels it is his responsibility to be guardian of the workplace. The employee who reports/complains to management about others coming in late, leaving early, not working hard enough etc. These are not team-builders, these are critics that do nothing but lower morale. THE BABY The employee that is insecure and will go to all lengths to hide her perceived self-failings. The girl that blames others, finds excuses, and limits peoples' freedom to make decisions. Forces their idea through regardless of merit just because it'll have their name on it. The only good thing about an insecure person is that he is correct in his poor estimatio of rid of them. THE JOY SPONGE Those who feel they need to make sure that no one is happier than them, • People who see the negative in everything first. • Think they are just being cautious or realistic, but they are team-destroyers. Get rid of them if they cannot be made to see how their attitude is affecting others. THE KNOW-IT-ALL A know-it-all will come up with reasons why something is impossible. - We already know it is impossible, that is why we need a real genius to solve it! True geniuses are few and far between. Get rid of the know-it-alls. THE YES MAN Someone who thinks everything you say is brilliant. Someone who will not give you his or her best, honest advice when you really need it If someone is a yes-man, suggest that you are considering firing him because of it and ask if they agree: they probably will. THOSE WHO WON'T CHANGE If an employee cannot change after their negative habit or behaviour is brought to their attention, then they need to go, for their sake as well as the company's. Perhaps there is a company out there that needs an insecure, joy-killing, colleague judging, know-it-all; and, it would be unfair of you not to fire that person so they can find the job where their personality is a perfect fit. VTaskworld"™ RESOURCES 83

7 types of Employees you should fire and why

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Some people just aren’t employee material. As a manager you really shouldn’t have any qualms about getting rid of those who disrupt what you are trying to accomplish. The usual suspects include th...




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