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7 Steps to Perfect Blog Headings

7 Steps to Perfect Headings for Bloggers Human People like to read about other people. Headings that show they are about people are the ones that attract the most immediate interest. Take a look at newspaper headlines, you will see them crammed with names of people, kinds of people, everything to do with people. Emotion 2 Readers respond quickly to things that tickle their emotions. If your heading makes people smile, cry, be angry, shocked, or even titillate them in some way, they will be attracted to what you are saying. 3. Action Take a look at headings in newspapers and magazines and listen to the headlines on the radio or TV. They always have some kind of action in them. They are about "doing" rather than "being". Put action words in your headings to attract more readers. 4. Use dramatic words in your headings to attract people to want to read them. Shock...! Horror...! If your heading is "normal" and not about something more unusual than everyday, then people are unlikely to read your blog. The heading needs to have a sense of the dramatic. Drama Illumination 5. Headings that shine a light on a situation are appealing. People like to read something new, about things they don't already know. Headings that show people something different are the ones the like. 6 Negative Human beings are primed to respond to the negative. It is part of our survival instincts. We need to be able to deal with negatives quickly if we are to survive. Hence, headings with negative wording tend to get read more quickly than positive ones. 7 Gobsmacking Make people go "Wow...! If your headings make people surprised they will want to read more. Tell them something that will make them sit up and take notice. H.E.A.D.I.N.G H Human E Emotion A Action D Drama Illumination N Negative G Gobsmacking ..... **...

7 Steps to Perfect Blog Headings

shared by grahamjonesuk on Apr 08
A simple 7-step guide to writing headings for blog posts that will attract readers. The 7 steps are H.E.A.D.I.N.G so it is easy to remember.


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