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7 Steps to Being a Bad Boss

7 Steps To Being A Bad Boss Step 1: Micro Manage Everything Employees are not to be trusted. Especially those that have been doing something a long time and know it inside out! Get right in there, grab their mouse and take control of their keyboard! Step 2: Never Let Them Make A Decision The smaller the decision, the more you need to have employees check with you. A !! Make more work for others by making them give you options, then don't choose any of them and do it yourself instead. Delegation is for suckers! D Step 3: Ignore Employee Problems When employees are not getting along you can: 1. Ignore the problem. Especially when it is brought to your attention. 2. Show your frustration. 3. Pick a side through rumors. Remember to not get involved with facts! Step 4: Hire experts, Ignore Their Advice! Find experts for every position and then ignore their advice. Explain to them, in front of others, why their years of experience are useless. Ask people with no experience what they think and then use this opinion as the basis for all decisions. Step 5: Trust Your Gut Trust your gut. No matter how many times it has been proven wrong in the past. You're the boss. Only what you think matters. All other opinions are invalid. Step 6: Keep Your Master Plan Hidden Keep all of your ideas and reasons to yourself. Let your team guess your motives and strategies. It will give them something to talk about when you are not around. DO NOT HAVE A PLAN! MASTER PLAN No plan, no possible leak. The second best way is to have an ever-changing plan. Step 7: Be Everybody's Buddy You want to be the worst boss, but not a jerk. Try to buddy up with your employees, drink with them to excess and tell them what you really feel about them. VTaskworld™ Resources

7 Steps to Being a Bad Boss

shared by Taskworld on Sep 29
Being a bad boss needs a lot of work! The path to bad bossdom is full of interesting twists and turns and there are lots of ways to get there. Here are 7 sure shot steps you can take to make sure yo...




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