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7 Reasons Self-Encrypting Drives are Better for Business

o 7 REAS ONS SELF-ENCRYPTING DRIVES ARE BETTER FOR BUSINESS DATA & SECURITY BREACHES CONTINUE TO BE HUGE ISSUES FOR BUSINESSES AND CONSUMERS YEAR OVER YEAR: O 267 MILLION records containing sensitive personal information were involved in security breaches in 2012. In 2012, the average cost of a data breach in the US was more than: $5.4 MILLION A QUICK SWAP OUT OF YOUR PC's HARD DISK DRIVE TO A SOLID STATE DRIVE (SSD) WITH SELF-ENCRYPTING DRIVE (SED) TECHNOLOGY WILL PROTECT SENSITIVE DATA. SSD HDD SELF-ENCRYPTING DRIVES OFFER DISTINCT SECURITY ADVANTAGES OVER SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS: Data encryption and key management take place directly in drive hardware, leading to better security and system performance. Software encryption resides on the host device, is more vulnerable to hacking attacks, and throttles PC performance as it encrypts data. - HACKED! Employees often turn off software-based encryption, leading to noncompliance risk. SEDS make encryption transparent to the user, so it cannot be disabled. SEDS are controllable by multi-vendor security management software, meet requirements for enterprise applications, and are designed to be compatible with TCG Opal and IEEE 1667 (eDrive) standards. SAMSUNG Solid State Orive Sanitizing an SED is nearly instantaneous using Crypto Erase technology, where the drive deletes the active encryption key, making existing data unreadable. Sanitizing a hard drive with software-based encryption requires much more time, money and resources. SAMSUNG Solid State Drive There are at least 46 state and territorial laws such as Sar- banes-Oxley, FACTA and HIPAA, that regulate the security of private electronic data. SEDS seamlessly fulfill government and industry requirements, making compliance simpler. Many laws contain a Safe Harbor convention for encrypted data, which exempts your organization from public notification of data breaches – saving valuable time, expense and embarrassment. FOR LESS THAN A 80 CENTS PER GIGABYTE, SELF-ENCRYPTING SSDS ARE A STRONG DEFENSE AGAINST DATA LOSS THAT COULD POTENTIALLY COST YOUR COMPANY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. TATES OF AM NITED STATES OF AMER 16B< UNTED SMACA OF AM Enerenma SUNM UNITED QUARTER VE CENTS PUARTER DOLL PUARTER DOLL DOLLAF SOURCES: SAMSUNG www.SAMSUNG.COM

7 Reasons Self-Encrypting Drives are Better for Business

shared by SamsungMemory on Feb 25
Self-encrypting SSDs—a small, flash-based component that replaces the hard disk drive in your laptop or PC—secure data right in the hardware instead of installing a software solution, offering a n...




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