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7 Reasons to Buy a Condominium

REMIX 7REASONS for Buying a Condominium AAAAAAA A cost-effective alternative to houses • For First Time Buyers, who are sick of the bidding wars, this is an excellent alternative. • Example prices in Winnipeg: 1000 sq ft detached home approx. $250,000 while 1000 sq ft condo ... approx. $170,000. Lifestyle • Do you like to travel? Or perhaps you're both working full time and looking after the house and yard is a chore you simply don't have time for? •A Condominium offers a simple 'lock-up-and-go' lifestyle. In many cases, your neighbours won' t even know you're gone, ..unless you tell them. Security of a Condominium •A Condominium (especially Highrise Units) offers secure entrances, with cameras and often even patrolling security companies. As a former police officer I can tell you that break-ins to high-rise condos are rare. While they DO occur, when compared to break-ins to houses, they are statistically insignificant. Community • Many condominium owners find that in a condo, their neighbours are enjoying a similar lifestyle, and so they have more in common with these folks. Many condos also offer "common-rooms" where people can get together and talk, or fitness rooms, pools etc etc. Lower Operating Costs In most condos, especially in the highrise and townhouse variety, the building insurance is already included in the condominium fee. As is the water-bill. And sometimes the heat and hydro os well. Building maintenance is often included, and if heat is NOT included, heating a 1000 sq ft apartment style suite is far less expensive than the average 1000 ft bungalow, often even as low as half the cost. (because the units around you help insulate you). FOR RENT Benefits of Home Ownership • With some limitations, condo owners enjoy the same benefits as house owners. They can: • Live in the condo • Rent it out • Improve it • Give i • Borrow Money against it and basically treat it the same os a house. No Yardwork • Getting tired of shoveling all winter, and mowing all summer? Is house and yard maintenance weighing you down, or simply getting away from you? In a Condominium, you don't have to lift a finger. Walks are shoveled, grass is cut, garbage is picked up and halls and common grounds are cleaned and maintained. Just enjoy. REMAX BO KAUFFMANN e-mail: [email protected] PH# (204) 333-2202 Blog:

7 Reasons to Buy a Condominium

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Top reasons to buy and live in a condominium


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