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The 7 Fastest Growing Industries of 2013

2013 BIGGEST BUSINESSES FASTEST GROWING ..... ...... INDUSTRIES GREEN & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY Originated to urge people to aim for sustainability and to help protect the environment. REASON 20 FOR GROWTH Yo To protect the environment "Green homes" are now being built to expand the green concept out of commercial buildings. LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Started in1998 and is now quickly expanding into many modern construction projects. $5 billon'yr Industry By the numbers SOLAR Practed arnul grow Solar panels play a large part in the green movement. n from $103 billion revenu from o012-2017 Major Player: Sunpower Popular Formation Type: B-Corporation, 501C3 or LLC Major Player: The Turner Corporation Reason for growth Self and wellness improvement is a priority to combat health issues 15% GROWTH (YOY) Personal care Reinforce "way of life" from the beginning. Popular Formation Type: LLC Self-Tanning Products Alternative Exercise Pilates and yoga studios, personal fitness training and massage Reason for growth Risk of UV light exposure and skin cancer affecting this decision. Average annual growh 32.3% Proected aul growth 8.2% 20 Growing market from baby boomers and men $609 million in revenue in 2012 Revenue pected to increase annually to s lon in 5 year Expected to become a billion dollar industry in 5 years Small industry with only 2,500 employees. (3 ONLINE AND FOR-PROFIT EDUCATION REASON FOR GROWTH •Accessibility (classes taught online) •Budget cuts/strict entry requirements to public/private institutions ONLINE UNIVERSITIESS For-Profit Universities • Charge higher tuition (up to 4x) • Draw higher debt • Require more financial aid than public/private universities $28 billion/year Online Business Education • Tech Training in Education ·Educational Software •Online Consulting 13% of US college enrollment through for-profit colleges 47% Expected to become a billion dollar industry in 5 years of defaults on loans Popular Formation Type: Corporation As economy grows and becomes more competitive, post-secondary education becomes more necessary. Social Network Games $609 million in revenue in 2012 Projected annual growth 2.2% Average annual growth 128% Reason for growth New industry, proliferation of social network usage, entertainment trends Expected to become a billion dollar industry in 5 years Major Players: Electronic Arts, Walt Disney Company, FarmVille, Texas HoldEm Poker, Bubble Safari Popular Formation Type: LLC or DBA Projected annual growth 128% # downloads grows 11% in 2013 Q1 MOBILE APPS 3D PRINTING Reason for growth: Allows for the creation of 3D solid models and objects from a digital copy. By the numbers 2012 $5.2 billion industry in 2020 "3D printing has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything" President Obama Popular Formation Type: Corporation GENERIC PHARMACY Reason for growth: Less expensive medicine is in high demand. 2002 Health care costs $53 billion revenue in 2012 continually increase. Average annual growth 9.6% Projected annual growth 6.3% 2017 Popular Formation Type: Corporation MyCorporation enieprencurs welcome iress me com01nme pen taet growinginduesanerca hpaw othe-top-0tetgrowinguinduesneen 02ontAtNT bog.heepr e es.comnmodeduceion.teteort.condemmsfor pe-collogeset.0 w beont oin o t game deoment ason for growth: Reason for ndustry, ever-en tablets becoming Nen emartphones aprice ranges Vnending user base more attainable at Popular Formation Type: LLC or DBA ..... • . ш

The 7 Fastest Growing Industries of 2013

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The economy is, thankfully, recovering, and entrepreneurs have played a large role in helping it along. One of the most interesting parts of this recovery, however, is the emergence of new industry ty...




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