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7 Email Deliverability Myths

7 EMAIL DELIVERABILITY ?Myths "MY EMAIL LIST IS ALL OPT-IN SO MY DELIVERABILITY SHOULD BE 100%" ISPS don't know whether your subscribers opted in or were acquired in another way. They look at engagement rates (good and bad) and decide what to do with your email accordingly. Even if you use double opt-in, it's a good idea to run re-engagement campaigns regularly. "I RAN MY EMAIL THROUGH 2 SPAM ASSASSIN AND IT SAID MY MESSAGE WASN'T SPAM" Tools like spam assassin only look for specific words or phrases. The ISPS are far more sophisticated, so it's not enough to use the simple spam tools in your email software. "MY 'REPUTATION' IS EXCELLENT. MY EMAILS SHOULD HIT THE INBOX 3. Reputation monitoring tools are like "credit reporting agencies". They give you a general indicator of the overall health of your email program, but not guarantee that your emails will make it to your subscribers inboxes. 8 "XYZ ESP SAYS THEY HAVE 4. RELATIONSHIPS WITH THE ISPS" Despite popular theory, there's no secret "bat phone" into the ISPS. There's not a magic pill that guarantees email deliverability. GMail Aol. OOutlook by Google YAHOO! "DELIVERABILITY = MESSAGES SENT MINUS BOUNCES" 5, While that is the "technical" definition of deliverability, it doesn't matter what gets 'delivered'. What matters is what gets to delivered to the INBOX! key metrics you should be watching for with your email. Inbox Placement Clickthrough Rate Open Rate ROI "I DON'T HAVE ANY CONTROL OVER MY DELIVERABILITY" 6. You'd be surprised by how much control you actually do have. ISPS are looking more and more at individual content and domains. Message content is critical Check your domains before sending your emails! While IP addresses still play a significant role, there are other factors which are equally, if not more, important. So it's important to take control over the elements that you can. "GMAIL IS KILLING MY EMAIL MARKETING AND DELIVERABILITY" At the end of the day, ISPS are always making changes to their algorithms to: (1) combat spammers that figure out how to get through the filters and (2) make THEIR user experience better. What are your biggest email deliverability questions?- Source: Presented by: deliverability-myths EMAIL DELIVERED :.....

7 Email Deliverability Myths

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When it comes to email marketing, email deliverability in particular, there is a lot of misinformation floating around out there. Lets debunk some of those myths.


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