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7 Easy Steps to Canadian Grant Getting Success Infographic

Small Business Do you qualify? Call now. 1-800-557-1345 FINANCING Proudly Independent of any Goverament 7 Steps to Grant-Getting Success Know the Tricks To Getting Grant Money Although it's safe to say that small business owners prefer to get any govemment grant funding as soon as possible, it may not be in the cards for you. Be prepared to continue researching various programs at the provincial, federal, and local levels of govemment, perhaps applying more than once, before you. Step 1: Don't Give Up If you keep applying, you should be learning from your mistakes. Keep looking around for new programs you are eligible for, increase the amount of programs you are applying to, talk to the funding agencies, ask what they expect of their applications. Build momentum and keep at it! 13 Step 2: Streamline and Adapt Your Process After you've applied a few times and done the leg work required to do so, you'll become accustomed to some of the general information most government programs CHANGE AHEAD expect to see. This means you can continue sending in your applications without having to cover the same ground over and over. You can simply build upon the foundation and work out the details, saving time. Step 3: Outline the Funding's Use The funding agency will expect to see how you are going to use their money at key stages of progress towards meeting your objectives. Milestones like this allow you to present dates and deadlines that | increase the government's confidence in your competency. Step 4: Refused? Yes, But Only For Now Being turned down for financial assistance doesn't need to mean your relationship with that particular government agency is over. Ask why you were denied, address their issues with your application, and try again. See if you can adapt your goals in rder to better suit the funding agency's expectations without compromising your dream -- look at any such compromise as a necessary step to ultimately achieve what you want. Step 5: Apply Lessons Learned To Other Programs If you've been turned down for funding by one program, take what you've leamed from the experience and make a better, fresh impression next time when you apply for different grants or loans. Step 6: Know When To Get Help HELP Taking on a partner, even if only temporarily, may help you meet a program's requirements and, in turn, be approved for the money you need. Similarly, consider hiring a professional proposal writer to help iron out the wrinkles in your application. Step 7: Getting Funding Doesn't Mean Cutting Ties If you are approved for funding from a particular government agency, keep up the relationship with them. You may be able to take a small grant or loan awarded now and tum it into more financing at a later date if you stay in the loop and the agency's employees are familiar with you. Canadian government grants and loans are now available for your small business Find out if you may be eligible for Canadian Government Funding using our Grant Finder

7 Easy Steps to Canadian Grant Getting Success Infographic

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As a Canadian small business owner, you've most likely been in the situation where you needed funding to get your business rolling. Whether your small business is new, or existing - money always comes...




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