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The 7 Deadly Sins of Capital Campaigns

THE 7 DEADLY SINS OF CAPITAL CAMPAIGNS ENVY THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FENCE • There is no one-size-fits-all campaign process that will work for everyone. • Best practices and proven methodologies must be adapted to your organization's reality • Some variables include: connection with constituency / breadth of constituency / depth of relationships geographic considerations / staff capacity / volunteer engagement. BEWARE THE SLIPPERY GUTTONY SLOPE OF CREEPING SCOPE • Goals are benchmarks for success that an organization must exceed to have an unqualified success. • A bloated goal will only lead to a perception that you failed to reach your goal when maybe you reached your full potential. LUST "WE WANT A CONSULTANT THAT CAN BRING NEW DONORS TO OUR CAPITAL CAMPAIGN." • Experience shows nonprofits typically receive over 95% of what is raised from donors who are already giving to them. • In the majority of successful capital campaigns, 60% or more of the dollars raised come from the top 10 donors. • The challenge is to cultivate your donors' care for your organization, inspire them to prioritize your project, and ultimately maximize their giving. GREED GREED, IN THE END, FAI LS EVEN THE GREEDY • 42% of high net worth donors cited asking for an inappropriate amount or asking too often as the #1 reasons they stopped giving to an organization. • What is one way to determine an appropriate amount? Ask them via a Feasibility Study. • Do your homework: internal knowledge / external research / anecdotal review How MUCH MORE GRIEVOUS ARE ANGER THE CONSEQUENCES OF ANGER THAN THE CAUSES OF IT • Ask yourself: What is your organization's external image? / How do you know? / How is your internal health? • A feasibility study and internal readiness development audit by an objective third party will uncover unsettled grievances and uncomfortable issues among constituents as well as internal weaknesses and allow you to address them head on before you try to raise money. CLOTH ENERGY AND PERSISTENCE CONQUER ALL THINGS • 40% of capital campaigns fail to reach their goal. • Campaigns fail not because they run out of prospects but because they run out of steam. • You must adopt the mindset that says "who can I get in front of today to tell about this opportunity and ask them to join?" • When your campaign stalls, ask 3 simple questions: How many calls have we made? / How many appointments have we scheduled? How many people have we asked to give? PRIDE PRIDE GOES BEFORE A FALL • Only 11% of nonprofits use an impartial third party to conduct a feasibility study to determine their capital campaign goal. • On average, self-led campaigns raise around 50% less than campaigns that use expert counsel. • The greatest expense in a self-led campaign is the money that doesn't get raised. Infographic provided by The Fundraising Resource Group ( Design by Informatics, Inc ( Sources: Nonprofit Research Collaborative, Summer/Early Fall 2011/ Barna Research Group 2014 U.S. Trust© Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy / CDS - David Phillips

The 7 Deadly Sins of Capital Campaigns

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Did you know that according to some reports about 40% of all capital campaigns do not reach their goal? Ever wonder why? When it happens, organizations often blame "external" circumstances. Yet in our...



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