6 Workplace Rules That Drive Everyone Crazy

WORKPLACE 9. : RULES THAT DRIVE EVERYONE CRAZY When a company reaches a certain level of success, they need to implement rules. However, if these rules become too severe, they risk alienating the workforce. No 'ILLEGAL' BEARDS UNDERWEAR MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES Only shoes with less than 259% FLUORESCENT COLORING can be worn' Rules like these have seemingly only been created in order to halt the outlandish behavior of a few individual employees and, according to Dr. Travis Bradberry, are a sign of bad management.? RULES 1. INTERNET BLOCKS Many employers restrict access to certain sites in the office. Although such blocks are often a necessary safeguarding practice, it can be hard for employers and employees to agree on where the line between acceptable ends and unacceptable begins. How TO MAKE IT BETTER: Maintaining staff happiness should be a high priority, so allowing them to surf the web during their breaks will help to keep the balance in check. 2. EAGLE-EYED CLOCKWATCHING Managers are often happy to let their salaried staff work overtime or on the weekend but seem less than impressed on the rare occasions when employees arrive five minutes late at the start of the day. How TO MAKE IT BETTER: If salaried workers are regularly putting in extra time after-hours, allowing them a little leeway will speak volumes. 3. BANNING PHONES For security and data protection reasons, many firms ban cell phones in the office, which can leave employees feeling cut off from the world. How TO MAKE IT BETTER: Allowing workers to remain reachable by friends and family members during work hours will ensure that your staff feel in control of their lives. 4. IMPERSONAL WORKSPACES Many companies seek to control their staff's desks, placing restrictions on the number of personal photographs allowed and limiting freedom to rearrange desk space. How TO MAKE IT BETTER: Allowing employees to create comfort in their working environment means they'll actually want to come in to the office. MOM 5. WORKPLACE LEACUE TABLES Ordering staff members in a league table can be a great way to bring positive competition and accountability into the office, but it can also create insecurity and mistrust among employees. How TO MAKE IT BETTER: Celebrate individual talents and strengths and give employees recognition for being team players as well as individual contributors. 6. DRESS CODES Uniformed occupations aside, some employees take clothing regulations a little too far with rules such as 'underwear must be worn at all times.' How would they even know?! How TO MAKE IT BETTER: Instead of sending a good employee home for wearing semi-florescent footwear, relax your stricter policies. If an employee shows up wearing something obviously unacceptable, have a quiet word with them in person outlining dress code expectations going forward. So if you really value your staff and want workers who love their jobs, think about relaxing some of your rules and introducing a bit of flexibility. You'll be glad you did. SOURCES 1 Majaski, C. (2013). 10 crazy workplace rules you won't believe. 2 Bradbury, T. (2015). 9 idiotic office rules that drive everyone insane. Bhardwaj, D. (2015). Mobile phones banned in office but these Gurgaon employees don't mind. Demers, J. (2014). 7 unwritten rules of productive office environments: The Economist. (2014). Suitable disruption. Ryan, L. (2014) Ten stupid rules that drive great employees away. This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License CaşhNetUSA. EMoney's on the way®

6 Workplace Rules That Drive Everyone Crazy

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The workplace can quickly become a battlefield when employees neglect unspoken boundaries and bosses choose respond with stricter rules.






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