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6 Ways Natural Language Processing Can Level Up Your Digital Marketing

Ways NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING Can Level Up Your Digital Marketing Prior to NLP, search users discovered content based on explicit use of certain keywords, but NLP has changed that. It allows search engines to serve useful content to searchers based on context (relevant words or phrases that determine what the search is about) and intent (the purpose or reason why a search is done). AI AND NLP STATISTICS 81% of marketers are either planning to or are now using Al in audience targeting or segmentation. SOURCE: ECONSULTANCY (2018) Global spending on Al systems in 2019 was approximately $36 billion. SOURCE: IDC (2018) 62% of B2B service companies use Al to personalize content for their audience. SOURCE: CMO SURVEY (2019) Revenue from the global NLP market is expected to increase 14 times as much in 2025 compared with 2017 figures. SOURCE: STATISTA (2018) • 28% of top-performing companies use Al as a marketing tool. SOURCE: AUMCORE (2018) NLP APPLICATIONS IN DIGITAL MARKETING Lead Capture and Qualification NLP speeds up the response time to customers and uses the interaction to better understand their needs and efficiently move them further along the sales funnel. Sample use of NLP: A chatbot assistant acts as an auto-responder and basic lead qualifier on your homepage. 2 Sentiment Analysis Sentiment analysis lets you track which content is getting audience engagement, with insights on why certain pieces of content were viewed or shared more than others. Sample use of NLP: Social listening tools allow you to track what the audience perceives about your content based on the words they use. Audience Reach NLP can access data from various online platforms to help you reach your target audience and serve them with more relevant paid ads. Sample use of NLP: Voice search or virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri help you hyper-target your content to the right audience at the right time. 4 SEO Rankings NLP helps you determine whether you're using the right set of keywords in your content to match what users are looking for. Sample use of NLP: Al text generators are designed for optimizing your keyword strategy to best support search engine crawling and indexing. Content Generation 15 Whatever topic, subtopic, or information is missing in your content, NLP can help identify it for you. Sample use of NLP: Al platforms help improve your content marketing strategies by filling important gaps in your existing content, 6 Customer Service More comprehensive customer data allows you to build more accurate buyer personas and deliver excellent customer service to them Sample use of NLP: Integrating NLP with data analytics gives you valuable insights for persona-based marketing, so you can offer customized solutions and better experiences. DIGITAL MARKETING THAT GROWS YOUR BUSINESS SPIRALYTICS VISIT OUR BLOG PERFORMANCE MARKETING SPIRALYTICS.COM/BLOG !!

6 Ways Natural Language Processing Can Level Up Your Digital Marketing

shared by harrydoolittle on Oct 30
NLP is revolutionizing digital marketing in many ways, allowing you to automate and optimize your efforts with efficiency and a human touch.




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