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6 Types of Bosses (And How to Work for Them)

OBOSSES G TYPES OF AND HOW TO WORK FOR THEM Do you know what leadership style your boss has and what makes them tick? Here's what you need to know to help you work better with your manager. THERE ARE SIX LEADERSHIP STYLES ACCORDING TO PSYCHOLOGIST DANIEL GOLEMAN. {1} VISIONARY Visionaries see plans for the future but don't necessarily know how to get there. They need the team to understand the ultimate goal and find the path. CHARACTERISTICS Inspiring Empathetic HOW TO • Show enthusiasm by jumping right in. WORK WITH • Listen carefully to their ideas; take note of all key goals. A VISIONARY • Brainstorm possible options with your team to achieve goals. СОАCH Coaches motivate employees to achieve their full potential through challenging conversations and goal setting. CHARACTERISTICS Motivating Trusting HOW TO • Be honest and open about your issues, problems and needs. WORK WITH • Set realistic, clearly defined goals you are confldent you can achieve. A COACH • Take responsibility when you don't succeed, and try to learn from your mistakes. 3 AFFILIATIVE BOSS Afflliative bosses aim to create connections and harmony within the company. They focus on their team's emotional needs to help them get through stressful situations. CHARACTERISTICS Empathetic Trusting HOW TO • Keep your emotions in check. WORK WITH • Build strong relationships with your colleagues. • Provide and accept honest feedback. AN AFFILIATIVE BSS DEMOCRATIC BOSS Democratic bosses want input from every person on the team to ensure that the best path forward is based on effective collaboration and consensus. CHARACTERISTICS Trusting Y Collaborative • Give your honest opinion in meetings. • Listen carefully to your colleagues. HOW TO WORK WITH A DEMOCRATIC • Don't commit to decisions you're not clear on. Ask for more clarity, BOSS as it will often help the rest of the team too. COMMANDER The commander gives clear directions and soothes fears with a powerful stance but expects full compliance, whether or not you agree with the plan. CHARACTERISTICS Dictatorial Direct • Knuckle down and do what is asked of you. HOW TO • Focus on getting results, not just completing tasks. WORK WITH • Present a range of solutions to the commander if you're unsure of what is required. A COMMANDER PACESETTER The pacesetter sets challenges for their team to meet and expects the best outcomes. They are not afraid to work hard to rescue a situation themselves. CHARACTERISTICS Demanding Direct HOW TO • Work hard and aim to be the best you can be. WORK WITH Ask for clariflcation on what you need to do. A PACESETTER • Share clear and regular progress updates. SO WHICH CATE GORY DOES YOUR BOSS FALL INTO? BY IDENTIFYING WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR, YOU CAN FIND OUT WHAT IS NEEDED TO SUCCEED AT WORK. SOURCES 1. Daniel Goleman, et al. (2013) Primal Leadershlp: Realzing the Power of Emotlonal Intelligence. Harvard Business School Press This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License - Quid Corner CC BY SA Your Financial Resource Centre •....

6 Types of Bosses (And How to Work for Them)

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Whatever type of boss you have, you’re sure to find out a bit more about them from our new infographic. It indicates how to identify each of the six main types and how best to work with them.




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