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6 Tips for Using Video Interviews for Hiring Success

spark Hire 6 Tips for Using Video Interviews for Hiring Success In today's competitive job market, you need a way to get ahead and find the right people. Enter the video interview: Why Video Interviewing? Video interviewing makes it easy for employers, staffing pros, and recruiters to connect with the very best talent: 6 out of 10 employers are currently utilizing video interviews to connect with candidates 53% 53% of employers conduct video interviews very often A Time Saver The video interview can save time in your hiring process, while still giving you the opportunity to connect: One-way video interviews are asynchronous -- candidates answer your questions and you can view them at any time and for any duration Video interviews are easier to schedule than in-person meetings - VS - Employers can watch 10 one-way video interviews in the time it takes to perform just 1 phone screen TIP: Standardize questions so it's easier to compare candidates. Weeding Through Large Candidate Pools With more candidates applying for jobs than ever before, video interviews can help you wade through a deep candidate pool: # 250 90 The average corporate job posting receives 250 resumes The average recruiter knows in 90 seconds if someone is all wrong for the job By cutting down on the initial process, you can spend more time connecting with the right candidates TIP: Use the one-way video interview to ask questions not just about qualifications, but also about company culture fit. Increased Collaboration You need to work hand-in-hand with those on your hiring team and in other departments. Here's how the video interview can help: The one-way video interview can be easily shared and watched on your mobile platform of choice REC Live video interviews are automatically recorded, so you can share with the team TIP: Take notes and share your impressions with everyone who needs to be in the loop. Fly Over Large Distances The skills gap is ever widening, which means it's harder and harder to find the right candidates, but video interviewing can help broaden your horizons: 38% 67% 38% of companies have open positions they can't find the right Video interviews save 67% of the travel costs associated talent to fill with hiring TIP: Widen your search to include far-flung talent, connect in a live video interview with no airfare required, and you can bridge the skills gap. Top Notch Employer Branding Your employer brand is important, especially if you want to attract the top-tier candidates your company needs: 70% of job seekers reported that the job and the company are equally important in deciding whether to accept a position 17% 17% of companies with established employer brands saw an increase in their quality of hires Spark Hire allows you to extend your employer branding to your video interviewing portal TIP: Use employer branding cues like company colors, logos, and videos to give your applicant a consistently branded experience while interviewing. Social Media Integration Tweet all about it - social media is here to stay, so you need to incorporate social channels into your hiring efforts: 73% 59% 73% of online 59% of recruiters said the highest quality candidates were found adults use social networking sites through social media TIP: Push out job postings and interview invitations on social media channels to broaden your reach and connect with tech-savvy talent. Hiring isn't easy, but video interviewing can simplify your process so you connect with the best candidates and make the right hire every time. spark Hire Sources: job-interviews-167973406.html numbers/ you-90-seconds/ importance-infographic/ design by

6 Tips for Using Video Interviews for Hiring Success

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The job market isn't just competitive for job seekers -- it's competitive for businesses hiring, too. Video interviews will not only help you stand out, but it will also make the hiring process more c...


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