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6 Spirit Animals of Bad Managers

3 SPIRIT ANIMALS OF BAD MANAGERS BY MART VIRKUS O toggl the VULTURE is great at spotting opportunities. But they are also scavengers, and will gladly steal credit for others' work. The GIRAFFE is always looking up for new ideas, but can get stuck in “visionary mode" and forget that ideas don't work on themselves. The ELEPHANT is highly intelligent, but a little too book-smart. Consequently, they are a little clumsy when it comes to real, non-theoretical work. The SETTER is friendly and energetic, but too much of that energy is The CAT is flexible and spent on making sure that others like them. Their working for them grants you lots of freedom. Too much, actually. It feels like they just don't care anymore (or maybe they never did). respect rests at a comfortable zero. An expert in their field, the MOLE is good at digging through the details, but they suffer from tunnel vision and are largely oblivious to the world around them. BUT WHAT MAKES Nobody's born perfect - but you can shoot for these qualities and become the coveted Unicorn Manager! GREAT MANAGER? Gaze of a Giraffe They're not afraid of dream- ing bigger, doing things in new ways, and reaching for ever higher goals. Mind of an Elephant Eyes of a Vulture They are wise and knowledgeable leaders (and they never forget your birthday). They can spot new opportunities arise, and seize them without fear of failure or judgement. sthey Brawn of a Mole Heart of a Setter They're not afraid to get into the trenches with the troops when the situation calls for They're honest, sincere and empathetic (and as close to a friend it. as a manager ever could be). Spirit of a Cat They value independence and flexibility, and know when to trust others. MART VIRKUS 2015 TOGGL.COM

6 Spirit Animals of Bad Managers

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These 6 animals represent everything that is wrong with middle management. The Unicorn, however, represents the manager you would maybe even invite to your birthday. Maybe.


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