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6 Reasons Why Construction Companies Should Consider the Cloud

www.EQUE2.CO.UK EQUE2 6 REASONS WHY CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES SHOULD CONSIDER THE CLOUD Read these reasons why construction companies should be adopting Cloud technologies now. P000 01 THE CLOUD WILL KEEP YOUR PROJECT DATA SECURE 34% of companies believe adopting Cloud technology will have a negative effect on their security posture. By 2018, more than half of organisations will use security services firms that specialise in data protection. Worldwide spending on information security has increased year on year and will grow a further 8 2% in 2015. 02 DATA IS KEPT IN THE SAME PLACE AND IS ACCESSIBLE TO THOSE WHO REQUIRE IT Cloud technologies simplify data access through centralisation, helping boost productivity. II 61% of businesses say the Cloud has increased employee productivity." - The Evolution of the Cloud – Verizon. 03 ADOPTING CLOUD TECHNOLOGY WILL ATTRACT A YOUNGER WORKFORCE There is a skills shortage and recruitment issues are looming in the industry. 0Q OQ OQ 0Q 0Q 0Q 0O In 2013, the amount of young people taking on apprenticeships in the industry decreased by 14.6%. Younger employees prefer working for construction companies that offer flexible working solutions. 04 CONSISTENT SYSTEM AVAILABILITY Cloud technologies for construction companies are resilient, even if disaster strikes. // CLOUD SERVICE AVAILABILITY SHOWS AN AVERAGE OF 7.738 HOURS UNAVAILABILITY PER YEAR OR 99.91% AVAILABILITY. // Downtime Statistics of Current Cloud Solutions - International Working Group on Cloud Computing Resiliency. 05 FASTER SETUP OF PROJECTS AND BETTER COLLABORATION 64% of businesses say that cloud-based collaboration tools help businesses execute projects more quickly. 06 BETTER COLLABORATION ACROSS MULTIPLE SITES AND WITH THIRD PARTIES The Cloud's online access means you can collaborate with your subcontractors, wherever they are. TAKEAWAYS Cloud technology has received a bad press lately because of several high profile security risks. But this is no reason not to adopt such technologies because: They will keep your project data They attract younger employees and new talent. They offer better accessibility to essential data. They improve system availability. secure.

6 Reasons Why Construction Companies Should Consider the Cloud

shared by EQUE2 on Mar 03
Many construction companies are reluctant to move the Cloud due to concerns surrounding security - a well founded concern aligned with recent Cloud attacks. This infographic offers 6 reasons why the C...




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