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6 Must-Know Tips for Omnichannel Selling

FOR ECOMMERCE RETAILERS AND MARKETERS! MUST-KNOW TIPS FOR OMNICHANNEL SELLING SReferralCandy BY THE FUTURE OF ECOMMERCE IS OMNICHANNEL RETAIL WHERE ONLINE AND OFFLINE MERGE! ONLINE INTERNET MOBILE APPS TV/RADIO PHONE OFFLINE IN-PERSON DIRECT MAIL VENDING MACHINE 66 Omnichannel customers Spend The early days 93% MORE of ecommerce were about getting stuff online. Now It's bullding brands. We're seeing things like pop-up stores to capture specific markets. or concept flagshlp stores merging Into the offline. There's a move from than customers who shop direct/online 66 It seems the online move Into offline and the offline continulng development of online presence and Increasing technology adoption to rival the online players Is set to speed up. plain ecommerce to brand bulding. ANDREW STOTT PARTNER, OLSWANG MICHIEL KOTTING VENTURE CAPITALIST, ACCEL 208% Omnichannel than customers customers spend who shop in store only. MORE SO HOW DO YOU GEAR UP FOR THE OMNICHANNEL RETAIL FUTURE? WHERE YOU WANT TO BE ONLINE OFFLINE WIN! MARKETING SOCIAL MEDIA AD CAMPAIGNS TRACK YOUR LEADS BE TARGETED LEAD PEOPLE ACROSS CHANNELS GET THEIR EMAILS IN YOUR STORES ONLINE PROMOTION URBAN OUTFITTERS WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR RECEIPT ŠENT TO YOU VIA EMAIL? COOLHAUS KILLER COMBO ICE CREAM SANDWICH EAST-SIDE PROMOTION COSTOMER JASON SMITH AVAILABLE FOR FREE ON OUR WEBSITE AND AT SELECT STORES ORDER HISTORY While it's most natural for an ecommerce company to promote vla social media, and an store to market at local events or through direct mail, more often than not the lines are blurred. When collecting a customer's email address In-store Your content shared on social media should address happenings with your ecommerce store ảnd your physical retail stores. When possible, target the content relăted to specific store locations to ensure only certain members of your audience see this information. you're able to build á customer profile that allows your organization to track their shopping behavlor across your online and offline stores. DANI FANKHAUSER ASSOCIATE EDITOR, BRANDED CONTENTŤ MASHABLE BRIAN HONIGMAN FREELANCE WRITER, CONTENT MARKETER. SOCIAL MEDIA CONSULTANT BRIAN HONIGMAN FREELANCE WRITER, CONTENT MARKETER, SOCIAL MEDIA CONSULTANT O CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE ч INTEGRATE EXPERIMENT MOBILE COMBINE ONLINE AND OFFLINE INTO A COHESIVE WHOLE DELIGHT AND SURPRISE YOUR CUSTOMERS TO MAKE AN IMPACT OFFER A SEAMLESS CROSS-CHANNEL EXPERIENCE WITH A MOBILE APP o 00 *WCLASSTRP UNI QLO BURBERRY UMIQLOOK UNI LOOK OF THE WEEK WELCOME! WARBY PARKER EYEWEAR There are so many different platforms,'so many different forms of communication; how do we make sure they're all coming together in some way. that they're not all sitting alone? We wanted to create a much different experience here: have a lot of room for people to bring frlends, get opinlonš from other people. Uniqlo created an ecosystem of mobile apps to better connect Its customers wlith Its varlous store experlences, which should be a DAVID GILBOA CO-FOUNDER, WARBY PARKER long-term goal for your business. CHRISTOPHER BAILEY CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER BURBERRY BRIAN HONIGMAN FREELANCE WRITER, CONTENT MARKETER, SOCIAL MEDIA CONSULTANT As consumers become increasingly channel agnostic, retailers need to ensure content seamlessly follows consumers on their cross-channel journey - providing the right information and Incentives to maximize the purchaše decision-making process at each and every point. CARSTEN THOMA PRESIDENT & CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER, HYBRIS CRAFTED BY S ReferralCandy SOURCES: the-retal-landscape-part-l-of-3/ http// anyplace-anywhere/le

6 Must-Know Tips for Omnichannel Selling

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Many of the hottest and fastest growing ecommerce brands today are moving towards integrating offline and online retail into an seamless cross-channel experience. What should an ecommerce retailer/ma...




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