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6 Management Solutions to Increase Productivity

6 Management 1. You May Solutions to Micromanage Increase Productivity Let your employees be productive on their own. 2. Your Expectations? May Be Blurry at Best- The daily tasks you assign may contradict the company's overall goal. Make sure your employees' output helps the company. 3. You May Not Give· Enough Feedback 4. You May Not Give Them Alone Time Do you constantly barge into You're either vague or give no feedback at all. You should balance between praise for your employee's office? Alone time shows employees that you trust them. Employees should be encouraged to tune out the good work and critiques for improvement. noise and focus on their work; don't interrupt workflow. 5. You May Have Cut the Training Short 6. You May Create Relationships Based on Fear Instead of Respect Little to no training can result in inefficient, ineffective, and stressed employees. Provide paid online training courses if you don't have time to train employees yourself. Ruling over your employees with an iron fist will create high stress and anxiety levels, which will snuff out employee ideas and honest input. Treat your employees with respect and empathy for maximum job satisfaction and productivity. XTECH Staffing Sources:;;;

6 Management Solutions to Increase Productivity

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When you picture a great boss, a great leader, or a great manager, do you picture yourself? I’m sure you do. But what makes you a great boss? How do you assess whether or not your management style i...


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