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6 Health Issues That Follow As We Age - The Lodge at Stephens Lake

6 HEALTH ISSUES THAT FOLLOW AS WE AGE The accumulation of many different types of molecular and cellular damage over time is the fundamental basis for ageing . This causes a slow but steady decline in health and cognition , an increase in the likelihood of developing a serious illness , and even tually death . Some of the common health problems faced with age have been given below . Osteoporosis Having strong bones is especially important for those of advanced age . Bones shrink and weaken with age because the body absorbs old tissue at a greater rate than it can be replaced . The result is osteoporosis , a disease that makes bones brittle to the point that they break easily in a fall or even with normal activity . Reduced vision Macular degeneration and glaucoma , in particular , are two of the most frequent forms of age - related vision loss in the elderly . The macula , responsible for sharp central vision , deteriorates with age in people with macular degeneration . Glauco ma is a disorder characterized by elevated intraocular pressure , which can cause permanent damage to the visual nerve over time . Constipation Many elderly people have experienced the frustration of bathroom problems including incontinence and constipation . Constipation affects roughly 26 % of women and 16 % of men over the age of 65 chronically . When a person has less than three bowel motions per week and their stools are firm and dry , they are con sidered to be constipated . Cognitive impairment There is a limit to how much normal ageing can impair one & # 39 ; s recall . More significant memory loss with age than is normal is referred to in medicine as mild cognitive impairment . ( 706 ) 307-4330 Arthritis With arthritis , bones rub against each other painfully due to the breakdown of joint fluid and cartilage . Heart disease When you get older , your heart may have to work harder to circulate blood . While age naturally brings about some modifications to the heart and circulatory system , these modifications can also increase the risk of developing heart disease and its associated complications , such as angina and arrhythmia . If you still have doubts about these 6 tips , connect with The Lodge At Stephens Lake experts who can help you find an efficient resolution , visit : THE LODGE AT STEPHENS LAKE

6 Health Issues That Follow As We Age - The Lodge at Stephens Lake

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Aging and health problems are unavoidable. However, it would be beneficial if you did not waste time worrying about your health and missing out on life. This list of health issues can assist you in ke...


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