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6 Facts That Prove you Need to Start A/B Testing Right Now

6 FACTS THAT PROVE YOU NEED TO START A/B TESTING RIGHT NOW! 1 IT'S THE EASIEST WAY TO INCREASE PROFIT Regardless of your online business, you have 3 main options to increase profits: 1. Increase the traffic 2. Increase the average order value 3. Increase the conversion rate 92% You can keep with the crowd and invest a lot of time and money in OPTION 1 f the budget is spent on traffic aqusititon OR YOU CAN BE SMART ABOUT IT AND FOCUS IF YOU USE ON OPTIONS 2 AND 3 BECAUSE A/B THEY ARE MUCH CHEAPER TO IMPLEMENT TESTING! Just create several tests and let 2 versions of a webpage compete against each other. You can test things such as: EFFICIENCY OF HEADLINE COLORS VALUE PROPOSITIONS DESIGN MODIFICATIONS IMAGES After each test, dump the losing option, keep the winner and watch the profit grow... it's as simple as that! <7000 A/B TESTS IN 2011. 2 DON'T GUESS. KNOW! Selling any product or service online, without doing A/B testing, is just like shooting at a target with a blindfold on. The good news is that you have the power to take off that blindfold and actually see where you're aiming. A/B TESTING ALLOWS YOU TO MEASURE the impact of your changes and see exactly what works. RAISED AN EXTRA USING $60 DOLLARS MILLION DURING HIS A/B PRESIDENTIAL TESTING BARRACK OBAMA CAMPAIGN 3 SMALL CHANGES, BIG IMPACT In online commerce, the average performance improvement after A/B test is around 3% For example, if you make 4 consecutive A/B tests you'd expect an increase in conversion rate of 12%. BUT ACTUALLY, DUE TO THE CUMULATIVE EFFECTS THE CONVERSION RATE GROWTH IS 12.55% CONVERSION RATE 100% CHANGE AFTER AB/ TEST 3% 6.09 % A/B TEST 4 A/B TEST 3 103% /B TEST 2 A/B TEST 1 106.09% 109.27% 9.27% 12.55% THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THE ONES WHO TEST WHILE AS OF 2013 1BILLION 1/3 1PEOPLE GLOBAL POPULATION ARE EXPECTED HAS INTERNET ACCES TO MAKE AN ONLINE PURCHASE. Right now, 44% of all companies already implement testing on their e-commerce sites. THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE IN THE NEW WORLD WEB IS: "TEST OR DIE!" 5 RIDE THE WAVE OF CHANGE Intemet is just like a river: trends change and new opportunities flow by on a constant basis as technology evolves. Everything is in motion! What WORKED IN 2005 is a DEATHTRAP IN 2013 THAN 90% within 3 years of e-commerce websites of launching. In order to succed, an online business must ride the wave of change in order not to get crushed by it. A/B TESTING helps you to quickly figure out WHAT WORKS NOW and what should be dumped fasterthan a hot patato 6 EVEN YOUR GRANDMA CAN DO A/B TESTING NOW Not so long ago A/B testing could have been implemented only by programmers, making it virtually inaccesbile by business owners which did not have big budgets to spend. A LOCAL BUSINESS OWNER CAN DO A/B TESTING USING ONLINE PLATFORMS SUCH AS MARKETIZATOR without having any programming or design skills. HOW LONG CAN YOU AFFORD TO BE AMONG THE 56% OF THE COMPANIES WHO DID NOT IMPLEMENT ANY TESTING YET? OPEN A 30 DAY TRIAL ACCOUNT AND START YOUR FAIRSTA/B TESTING CAMPAIGN IN JUSTA FEW MINUTES FROM NOW! Marketizator THE 3 IN 1 CONVERSION SUITE Marketizator is the latest platform especially built for web performance. With a 3 in l approach, it covers the needs of any emarketer regarding AB or MVT testing, real-time interaction, segmentation & surveys. [email protected] MORE

6 Facts That Prove you Need to Start A/B Testing Right Now

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Find out from this infographic how A/B testing can improve the performance of an e-Commerce website. With small changes come great results in conversions only if you test. Knowing how a change affects...




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