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6 Digital Marketing Trends to Budget for Now [Infographic]

$IX DIGITAL MARKETING TRENDS TO BUDGET FOR NOW by O@MDGadvertising Which digital trends should you be budgeting for? What approaches will help make your marketing efforts more engaging and effective? To help you look past the fads and focus on what matters, we've combed through recent research reports to identify the digital trends that are predicted to have a major impact on marketing today. Each of these key areas is one that every marketer should at least be thinking about. ONE DATA CLEANSING AND QUALITY CONTROL WHAT Over the past few years, many marketers have concentrated resources on data collection but haven't focused on data quality/management. That's a huge missed opportunity. To truly succeed with Big Data, it's necessary to take a step back and examine whether your systems are connected properly, if your existing data is error-free, and if your firm is properly structured to handle all this data. WHY YOUR DATA MAY NOT BE AS GOOD AS YOU THINK 60% of enterprise 76% say their 94% believe workers are not very company does not have a business value is being lost as a result of poor confident in their firm's data-quality data-quality management plan data quality MUCH MORE DATA IS COMING 95% enterprise workers expect data volume to increase significantly in the next year REMEMBER Big Data is an ecosystem, not just one thing. To capitalize on its potential, you'll need to ensure that you have the right information, right systems, right processes, and right people. TWO MARKETING AUTOMATION SYSTEMS WHAT It's become impossible for organizations to manually execute digital marketing effectively. There are now too many complicated platforms and tactics to manage without the help of digital tools. Investing in the right marketing automation systems will allow you to increase the scale and impact of your efforts. WHY MARKETING AUTOMATION IS THE KEY TO DIGITAL SUCCESS 91% of marketers who rate their efforts as successful say automation is "very important" to the effectiveness of their programs MARKETERS SAY THE TOP BENEFITS OF AUTOMATION ARE Better lead Higher-quality analytics nurturing Superior More-effective segmentation emails REMEMBER Marketing automation isn't an all-or-nothing proposition. You can invest in tools to help with individual elements, such as triggered emails, or purchase an end-to-end solution. THREE CONTENT ANALYSIS AND AUDITS WHAT Although marketers have invested heavily in content over the past few years, many still aren't sure about the ROI of their efforts. To determine the effectiveness of your content, and to maximize the impact of your spend, it's essential to run analyses/audits. This will help you determine what is-and isn't-working. WHY Only 43% of B2C marketers and 44% of B2B marketers say they have clarity into the success of their content marketing efforts REMEMBER Content audits and analyses shouldn't be one-time efforts. Budget for regular check-ins so you can consistently determine effectiveness, and so you know which pieces are stale. FOUR IN-DEPTH CONTENT PIECES WHAT For a while there's been a common belief among marketers that content needs to be short and sweet. It turns out this assumption isn't always true. Recent examinations of content pieces have found that the most-shared pieces on social media are relatively long and fairly complex. Keep this in mind as you plan your content initiatives. WHY The length of the average post increased by 19% in 2016 The most-shared corporate blog posts on social media are between 1,200–1,400 words long REMEMBER In-depth doesn't mean inscrutable. Blog posts with extremely difficult language are the leastshared on social media. Ensure that your pieces are complex without being confusing. FIVE MESSAGING AND CHAT ENGAGEMENT WHAT Mobile messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat have become absolutely central to the lives of many consumers, especially younger ones.Marketers ignore this trend at their own peril. It will soon be essential for every brand to engage on these platforms. Budget some resources to understand and experiment. WHY 4 billion Messaging apps now have active users worldwide Three of the top-five most-downloaded apps in 2016 were messaging apps REMEMBER The rise of messaging apps is coinciding with the rise of Al chatbots. There are many exciting emerging possibilities for brands to provide better experiences and customer service. SIX SHORT-FORM AND LIVE VIDEO WHAT While spending on video can often feel daunting-the cost is higher than text/graphics and distribution can be time-consuming-the effort is absolutely worth it. Why? Because video is increasingly popular and effective. Creating the right pieces will allow you to better connect with audiences and hold their attention. WHY The amount of live video watched by consumers jumped by 20% in 2016 52% of marketing professionals say video is the type of content with the best ROI REMEMBER The shift to video is being powered by social. Consumers are becoming accustomed to different types of videos-live, very short-form, etc.-than what brands have traditionally offered. mdg SOURCES: APP ANNIE, ASCEND 2, BLAZENT, CONTENT MARKETING INSTITUTE, MARKETO, MARKETINGPROFS, TRACKMAVEN, HUBSPOT, ZENITH MEDIA. Twitter: @MDGadvertising

6 Digital Marketing Trends to Budget for Now [Infographic]

shared by MDGadvertising on Sep 28
Which digital trends should you be budgeting for? What approaches will help make your marketing efforts more engaging and effective? Deciding on what to concentrate on is no easy feat. After all, the...


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