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The 5S Manufacturing System

Increases Employee Safety! THE 5S SYSTEM Reduces Waste! Eliminates Costs! AND WHY IT MATTERS! Increases Value! HERE IS HOW 5S HAS HELPED MANUFACTURING PLANTS Cycle Time The 55 System decreases your 100 16.6% total cycle time by 16.6%. This will ultimately reduce the lead 80 time of the whole ORGANIZE TOOLS manufacturing process. Pre-5S After 5S 60 100% 83.4% REMOVE UNWANTED ITEMS 40 WELL DEVELOPED STANDARDS 20 STORE MATERIAL EFFICIENTLY 100 Floor Space Utilization 22.2% The 55 decreases floor space utilization by 22.2%. This change increases the floor space utilized by assembly. 100 DON'T PLACE UNITS ON THE FLOOR 80 REMOVE UNUSED TOOLS, ITEMS, AND RACKS 60 Pre-5S After 5S 100% 77.8% 40 20 SHIFT WORKSTATIONS TO OTHER DEPARTMENTS AS NEEDED 100 Inventory 36.6% The number of units produced increases due to the improvement in the cycle time. This leads to a lower ratio of 100 inventory availiable inventory 80 inventory to units produced. units produced Have extra bins for 60 Pre-5S After 5S 40 100% 63.4% Remove 20 common excess parts from racks parts 100 Phases of the 5S Manufacturing System SET IN ORDER SORT This phase ensures that every workstation has its own set of tools in a toolbox. All tools are color coded and have a specific location. This allowes both search and travel times to In this phase, unnecessary tools and machines are removed, broken items are removed, and the floor area is cleared. be reduced. STANDARDIZE SHINE SUSTAIN Here, rules are created to reduce the cycle time. Standard operating procedures are also implemented. In this phase, the workstations are cleaned and maintenance schedules are created, Weekly audits are made to sustain the changes, and the workers are more involved in making changes in the workplace. Lasting Benefits of the 5S System 1. The 5S system Increases Workplace Safety and Increases Productivity 2. The 58 generates benefits in terms of Worker Health while also Improvingthe Safety Climate of the Workers 3. The 5S Improves the Process by Reducing Waste and Reducing Costs © 2013 Inno-Versity Group. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified or distributed without the express prior written consent of the copyright holder. INNO-VERSITY.COM

The 5S Manufacturing System

shared by hakunamatata on Apr 29
I created this as an Illustration of the 5S Manufacturing System. This graphic was used as part of an employee training course in a manufacturing plant.





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