5 Ways to Make Effective Business Posters

5 WAYS TO MAKE EFFECTIVE BUSINESS POSTERS 1. KNOW YOUR FOCUS Be clear about what your GYM MEMBERSHIP poster is trying to promote You should have a single clear message For example, an upcoming sale or a new product/service 2. UNDERSTAND YOUR AUDIENCE What customer base are you trying to reach? Your audience will affect both design and poster placement 3. FIND A FOCAL POINT The focal image should be crisp-flaws will be magnified at poster size Choose suggestive rather than literal images to grab attention FALL FASHION SALE > If you're promoting a fashion brand, images don't have to be of clothes For instance, use a zebra in a group of horses to suggest a brand is trendsetting 4. CHOOSE FONTS WISELY SALE Above all, your text needs to be easy to read SALE It's okay to mix fonts, but the combination should be visually pleasing SALE Sale Sometimes, changing styles within the same font gives the cleanest look • Change sizes, alternate bold and italicized, and change colors SALE 5. USE COLOR TO YOUR ADVANTAGE Color should never compromise readability Use complementary or contrasting colors Replicate the colors of your other branding materials BONUS TIPS Always include your logo BIG EVENT 2 Making multiple designs for the same campaign? Create a common theme 3 Use a strong headline to anchor your information BIG WEBSITE EVENT 4 Your business info should stand out, but still mesh with the design LOGO @ TWITTE FACEBOC PROVIDED BY: R REPLICA DIGITAL PRINT & COPY www.REPLICADIGITALPRINTANDCOPY.COM Sources:

5 Ways to Make Effective Business Posters

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ALWAYS include your logo when making posters for your business! What other elements should you be sure to include? Find out by setting your sights on this infographic about digital printing services i...


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