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5 Ways To Get Your Email Opened First

TO GET YOUR A EMAIL OPENED FIRST EMAIL MARKETING IS A DOUBLE EDGED SWORD AND ITS GREATEST BENEFIT CAN ALSO CUT DEEPLY INTO YOUR BOTTOM LINE. EDGE A EDGE B the benefits of email mar- keting are widely known and your competition also enjoys the same low mailing costs. email is a very low cost way to reach and follow up with a large number of potential clients and customers. Done right, email can be your most powerful and profitable marketing channel. subscriber's inbox The challenge is that your email campaigns compete with massive amounts of email to be noticed in your subscriber's inbox. In this age of advertising saturation, that's hardly news. But there is a bigger problem many are not aware of that can compound your challenges. If your emails don't get noticed, they don't get opened. Still, that's only the tip of the iceberg that can sink your email marketing efforts. Not only don't you get any sales when your email goes unopened, but the ISP's will begin to regard your emails as low value, or even spam, and your deliverability will suffer. Worse, your emails could be sorted automatically into the spam folder and your subscriber won't even see them. how do you make sure your subscribers eagerly open your emails right from the moment they opt in? Or, if you have had a drop off in open rates from your existing subscribers, how do you get them to re-engage? THE ANSWER: keep your subscribers interest. The good news is that can be easier than you think if you keep a few core concepts in mind before you press send. 5. ways to get your emails opened first IT'S EASY TO FORGET SUBSCRIBERS ARE PEOPLE INSTEAD OF WALLETS. Just like an salesperson who corners you in a store and ap- pears to only care about making a buck. many email marketers get so wrapped up in what they are promoting and their metrics that they forget there is a real person on the other end of the 'send'. HUH? WHAT'S THIS? In practical terms, what this means is that subscribers begin to tune out your messages or unsubscribe altogether. KEEP A SINGLE PERSON IN MIND WHEN YOU WRITE EVERY EMAIL. WHY DID YOUR SUBSCRIBER OPT-IN? WHAT ORIGINALLY ATTRACTED THEM TO YOUR MARKETING? If your emails no longer solve a problem then your subscriber will no longer open them. make sure your promotions help your subscribers solve their problems even if they don't buy from you. PROBLEM SOLVED WHY PEOPLE DON'T LIKE TO BE SOLD BUT THEY LOVE TO BUY. The paradox is that we love to be able to buy what we want but the cliché sales pitch is inherently unpleasant if we aren't congruent with buying at the time or if we don't have an interest in what is being offered. To stay in business you need to make sales, so the ideal email should feel like content but also encourage a sale. WHAT DOES YOUR CUSTOMER WANT? Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself if you would open your emails. provide genuine value to your customers Customer does not want more on sales pitches STAY IN TOUCH Build a relationship with your subscribers so that you are a real person to them or that your company remains relevant to them. EMAIL DELIVERED MANAGE MONITOR MONETIZE For more information: For more information on how to get your email opened first and dramatically influence your response rates and profitability visit BONUS: Watch the complete video on how to get your emails deliv- ered to the inbox by visiting © Copyright 2014. & Marketers Publishing Group, Inc.

5 Ways To Get Your Email Opened First

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Email can be the most powerful, profitable, and inexpensive marketing tool out there, but the problem is that all of your competitors know this too. A lot of subscribers get massive amounts of emails ...


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