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5 Ways Energy Efficient Windows Can Help Your Bottom Line

5 Ways Energy Efficient Windows Can Help Your Bottom Line When most people think about investing in new windows, they focus on how much better the building will look. While that is important, there are a number of other benefits that come with new energy efficient windows. Some of them have a direct or indirect connection to your company's bottom line. Here are five examples to keep in mind. LOWERING YOUR ENERGY COSTS A One of the more common benefits associated with new windows is a decrease in the amount of energy it takes to heat and cool your space. The difference is easy to spot at the end of your first full billing period after the windows are installed. As long As the new windows are maintained properly, you'll continue to enjoy energy bills that are lower than in times past. В E Save 20% - 40% This reduction in general operating costs has a positive effect on your bottom line. Since it costs less to heat and cool the space, more of your net income can be allocated to other essential obligations. In this way, those new windows make it possible for you to accomplish more with the money you have coming in. While the average savings per month will vary based on the square footage and a few other basics, there is no reason why you can't expect to save as much as 20% -40% of your typical monthly energy costs. Your Money 24 REDUCING THE WEAR AND TEAR ON YOUR HEATING AND COOLING SYSTEM When your have less efficient windows in place, there is a greater chance of air seepage and heat transference. In order to compensate, your heating and cooling system has to run more often and for longer periods of time. The result is that you will incur more upkeep and maintenance expenses. Instead of a component lasting for several years, it may only remain functional for two or three years. Since doing without a heating and cooling unit is out of the question, you have no choice but to replace the worn component when and as the need arises. When you choose to install energy efficient windows in Toronto, the system will not have to cycle on as often. Even when it does, you can expect it to cycle off after a shorter period of time. By reducing the wear and tear on each of the parts, you can look forward to saving money on repairs and upkeep each year. Keep in mind that minimizing the wear is not just about saving on repair costs. It's also about extending the life of the heating and cooling system. Thanks to those new windows, you may be able to get several additional years of use from the HVAC unit before it must be replaced. That's another way those windows will benefit your bottom line. NEW WINDOWS AND YOUR INSURANCE Did you know that installing windows with a superior SEER rating could be looked upon with favor by your insurance provider? Anything that helps to improve the value and the safety of the property is seen as a plus by business insurance providers. Before you invest in the new windows, have a word with your insurance agent. Find out what sort of impact the windows replacement will have on your insurance premiums. You could find that the change will allow you to retain the same level of coverage while paying a lower premium. That translates to even more money that you can allocate to other items in your budget. THE MATTER OF GRANTS AND TAX BREAKS Another potential advantage of securing new windows has to do with the amount of taxes you pay. While some of the deductions and rebates that were available a few years ago are no longer in force, there are others that are worth exploring. For example, you may be able to receive a rebate of so much per window that you replace. Part of the overall expense may be tax-deductible depending on the nature of your business operation. TAX RETURN 880 Take the time to find out more about possible grants, rebates, and deductions. Your tax accountant can help you identify benefits that can be rightfully claimed for the tax year in which the new windows were installed. Lowering your tax obligations is a wonderful way to save more money and increase the amount of reserves you keep on hand. PROTECTING YOUR EQUIPMENT AND MATERIALS FROM HARM Windows with a superior energy rating also go a long way toward protecting the equipment you use in your business operation. From computers to various types of lathes, textile machinery, or anything else you can imagine, the ability to maintain a reasonable temperature and humidity level in the work areas makes it easier to maintain the equipment. You'll save a substantial sum each year and have more money for other business related purposes. Along with protecting your equipment, there is the matter of ensuring the raw materials used to produce the goods you sell are kept in top condition. You already run a lean inventory of raw materials as one way to control costs. Think of what it could mean if those materials were damaged to the point that you could could not use them for production purposes. The result could be an inability to fill and order and subsequently losing the customer. By controlling the exposure to temperature and humidity level changes, your materials will be ready for use when you need them. Don't forget the impact on your finished goods. Those must not be adversely affected by temperature or humidity. New windows make it easier to control the climate in your warehouse and ensure you don't end up having to sell those goods as second-quality offerings. Instead, you can sell them as first-quality products and enjoy a full profit on each unit sold. These are only five ways that the right windows will have a positive impact on your bottom line. Once they are in place, you will discover more benefits that have some connection with the more energy efficient environment the windows create. As you reap more of those benefits, the wisdom of replacing those older windows will become more apparent than ever. SOURCE: - 416-650-5070 - Best Energy Efficient Windows

5 Ways Energy Efficient Windows Can Help Your Bottom Line

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When the most people think about investing in new windows, they focus on how much better the building will look. While that is important, there are a number of other benefits that come with new evergy...


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