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5 Ways to Detect Lying Clients by Reading Their Facial Cues

WAYS TO DETECT LYING CLIENTS BY READING THEIR FACIAL CUES If she says. I AM SIGNING OFF ON THIS TODAY" If he says, 1 FULLY UNDERSTAND YOUR OFFER" but you see these facial cues: but you see these facial cues: CREASE BETWEEN EYEBROWS EYES GLANCING : DOWN ONE EYEBROW RAISED WRINKLED NOSE DROPPED SHOULDERS FROWN THIS CLIENT DOESN'T UNDERSTAND YOUR OFFER YOU LOST THE DEAL WITH THIS CLIENT When you see this expression, make sure you re-explain your proposal, because if you don't it may be lost. When a client lies to avoid their own discomfort, ask if there is anything else you can do to get the deal. When you offer something that is If she says, MORE EXPENSIVE THAN EXPECTED "LOOKS LIKE A GOOD DEAL" look for these facial cues: but you notice these facial cues: RAISED BROW EYES ..... SQUINT EYES WIDE NOSTRILS FLARE OPENED MOUTH THIS CLIENT CAN'T AFFORD YOUR PROPOSAL THIS CLIENT FEELS YOU ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF HER He can't afford your offer regardless of what he says. You will only get a deal when both sides feel they are coming out winning. When clients say, "I'M READY TO BUY" and show these facial cues: EYES OPEN TO THEIR FULLEST EYEBROWS UP HIGH UPPER TEETH EXPOSED CORNERS OF THE MOUTH TURN UP OPEN MOUTH SMILE THESE CLIENTS ARE SERIOUS BUYERS This is the one you want! Congratulations, you landed the client! Published on Design by Little Badger Text by Mike Michalowicz OPEN Forum AMERIO

5 Ways to Detect Lying Clients by Reading Their Facial Cues

shared by AmExOPENForum on Oct 17
The truth lies not in what people say. It is what they say and what they do while they say it that speaks the truth. The truth is revealed through microexpressions, subtle changes in the face that hap...


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