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5 Ways to Create a Remarkable Customer Experience with Live Chat

Ways to Create a Remarkable h Customer Experience with Live Chat Customer satisfaction is the key to creating happy, loyal customers. We looked at over 30,000 companies and 2.8 million chat conversations to understand how different businesses are providing stellar customer experiences using live chat. 78% Top 5% of Pure Chat customers have an average of 90% satisfaction! of marketers say they try to differentiate through customer 90% experience. Tip #1 Instant Answers Respond to incoming questions quickly and keep the con versation going. Don't wait to respond. Even though live chat software makes it possible to handle a lot of conversations at once, use your judgment. If it's taking you too much time to manage multiple threads, limit the number of conversations you tackle at once. Hey! Hi. Tip #2 Empower your team If you're the business owner or manager, make sure your team has everything they need to serve customers immediately. If marketing, sales or support representatives can't make decisions quickly, it defeats the purpose of live chat. Give them a budget for discounts or eliminate siloed communication. Tip #3 Training Ensure your team is knowledgeable on your products, services and on your customers. Help them understand your customers' needs, wants and stage of customer journey. Checking chat details like pages viewed or referral source can help tailor responses. Tip #4 Remove Triction Making live chat available on your website is the first step. To maximize the number of con versations, don't ask for name, phone and email up front. Even though live chat can be a great channel for lead capture, gather those details later in the conversation when it's more natural. Tip #5 Be Human It's common sense. Treat customers or potential customers with the care and attention they deserve. Although tools like canned responses can make it a breeze to respond instantly, don't use them so often that you sound robotic. Honor and delight them. Make them smile! The average chat rating for Pure Chat accounts is 84% 82% of small business Bottom 5% of Pure Chat 94% of customers who have a low-effort service owners report loyal customers as a primary way they achieve success. customers have an average of 39% satisfaction. experience will buy from that same company again. PURE CHAT Generate more leads and drive sales with Pure Chat. Add li ve chat software to your website to engage visitors and customers! Get started today for free! Sources: ECons, CEB, Constant Contact, Accenture :)

5 Ways to Create a Remarkable Customer Experience with Live Chat

shared by lindsaybayuk on Sep 11
How do you become the best? How do businesses deliver a great customer experience using live chat? In an era where customer experience is critical, we sought out to understand how businesses deliver r...


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